Is This Algae? Havnt Got A Real Answer


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Havnt got a real answer yet. Maybe algea? Took over my 5g so bad did a whole water change, tried to clean everything. But only with cold sink water( hard). After that was great for 5 days... did a 20% change n its back super hard.

Help? Im almost to the point buy new aquarium?

5g spec v api test kit. = water hp high water hardness high. Everything else good or 0


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The water in your tank might be cloudy due to dirt, sand, fish waste, particles, plant matter, and uneaten food floating around. Moreover, the particles might be way too small for your filter to catch. The stuff making your aquarium water cloudy can’t even be detected or stopped by the filter.

Try the information here:

Build a DIY Water Polisher here. I built this and it works great in large tanks.

If all the above does not work… this will:

Only use 1 drop per gallon, not the 2-4 drops recommended to start. Your water will get cloudy for about an hour or so and then start to clear. Make sure you have fine filter floss in your filter. If you need another dose 24-48 hours later, fine. Guaranteed this works wonders.

Keep your tank crystal clear?

Green water? Get a (13 watt) and set it to the lowest flow rate so the water stays in contact with the light the longest. Will clear in about 7 days then remove it.


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Looks like Fungi to me but could be a type of filamentous algae still, What life do you have in your tank?

I would continue with the water changes but I would also use biological control means like Marimo moss balls for low/mod light levels or Crystalwort for mod/high then maybe Amano shrimp and Nerite(amounts of each and types based of tank size as well as compatibility with tank mates). I am sure someone else could give a better recommendation of life but the idea is simple plants should slow its growth down well the animals consume it. That is not taking into account if its even feasible if the tank is not already at max capacity but they wont breed at least.
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