Is This A Phosphate Defiency?

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Hello. I have a heated, filtered 3 gallon tank with a betta, a java fern, and two Anubias. I have had the java fern since this past January. I noticed over the past month about 3 or 4 leaves dying on the java fern and “black spots.” I think this is a phosphate issue, so in the last two weeks, I started to dose with phosphates. Current phosphate readings are around .25 ppm with the dosing. I do 30 to 40% water changes twice a week, and after each water change, dose afterwards with .2 ml of sea chem phosphorus (just increased that to .3 ml today) as well as with .2 ml of sea chem flourish comprehensive and 1 drop of vita chem. I just want to confirm though that this is a phosphorus/phosphate issue and not related to nitrates or carbon dioxide. If i’m correct it has to do with phosphates, do I need to up my dosage even more or just give it more time at the current level? Since adding the phosphates, i’ve noticed more growth of shoots/sprouts on the java fern and the plant itself has “perked up” overall but then again, the leaves that were not doing well to begin with haven’t really improved/if not continue to decline, and I noticed another sprout/shoot on it that might be dying so i’m not sure i’m fixing the problem or not. Any help would be appreciated.


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