Is This A Green Or Red Texas Cichlid?

Discussion in 'Texas Cichlid' started by AquaticJ, Dec 16, 2017.

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  2. SwankyThePirate

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    I think that's a green
  3. chromedome52

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    Neither one, though I suppose you might call it a Red, as it is a hybrid of some sort. However, it is not red in color, and therefore would not be a Red Texas. It is definitely not a Green Texas, as that is the pure species Herichthys carpintis, which has very large iridescent spots, not the fine spots seen on this fish. Nor is it the Texas Cichlid, H. cyanoguttatus, as it does not have enough spots on the face. The dark line down the flank is seen mostly on Flowerhorn types. I would consider it a low grade flowerhorn.
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    Really?? Flowerhorn in him?? Wow hybrids are confusing...
  5. chromedome52

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    Exactly, hybrids can be very confusing. A good reason to try to avoid them at all costs.
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