Is This A Good Stand? 29 Gallon Tank

  1. Piaelliott Well Known Member Member

    I am not sure if I should trust this stand for a 29 gal. It seems to be somewhat top heavy.
    Does anybody have this stand, are you happy with it?

    There is room for another tank at the bottom.
    Thanks. IMG_20170727_192342.jpg
  2. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    It looks pretty sturdy from over here. Look at the joins and welds. If they are solid, I wouldn't worry.

  3. 2211Nighthawk Well Known Member Member

    I personally have never trusted those stands just because of how rickety they look. I'm a welder so I know it would hold but they just seem too top heavy. If there was another tank underneath then maybe but I just don't like them. I'd taken a good solid tv standard any day.
  4. ounderfla69 Member Member

    screw a strap into the wall.

  5. Piaelliott Well Known Member Member

    I think I'd rather have my husband build a wood stand.
  6. WiFi Well Known Member Member

    Nope get rid of it. I have one for my 10g tank I am currently looking to replace. It will hold the weight but is very unsafe nor is it level at all. My 10g still only needs a decent bump to knock it right over.
  7. Piaelliott Well Known Member Member

    Currently it is used as a side board and pretty wobbly :)