Is This A Good Price On 5.5 Gallon Tank?

  1. brousecasey12

    brousecasey12 Well Known Member Member

    So petsmart is having this sale where they do 25% off the sale price and I found this 5.5 gallon kit for $22! Is this a good price??? I want this for my nightstand and also something easy to bring to college with me next year! I need thoughts! It's a topfin brand as well!

    Edit: actually $21 and I pick it up at the store!
  2. Kenny777

    Kenny777 Well Known Member Member

    What do you need thoughts of? Fish or plants?
  3. filtered_light

    filtered_light Valued Member Member

    Sounds pretty cheap, but speaking as someone who recently started a 5 gallon and 3 gallon, and is now upgrading, the tank is often the smallest cost for a small tank. Just a water testing kit will cost $20-40. So it might be worth considering at least a 10 gallon, if you want fish it will give you more options. 5g would be good for a betta or as a shrimp-only tank.

  4. PLECO657

    PLECO657 Valued Member Member

    If it's a kit I would go for it and either get a really pretty betta or have a nice shrimp tank
  5. Kenny777

    Kenny777 Well Known Member Member

    Here's most of the options for a 5.5gallon
    1 dwarf puffer
    1 Betta
    7 Shrimp
    1 snail
  6. KimberlyG

    KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    I have two of these. The filter stopped working relatively soon on one of the tanks. I replaced it with an Aqueon quiet flow 10. Petsmart had them online, pick up in store for $12. I bought 2 expecting the second to stop working soon, but it is still going. All in all, I really do like this tank. (They both house bettas)
  7. OP

    brousecasey12 Well Known Member Member

    I'm looking at really trying to scape it well with a beautiful betta and maybe a few shrimp and a snail ! With my 55, it's so wild and I like the way it is, but I want a new mini project! Also, the fact that it's cheap and I'm going to college soon and want an aquarium there that will fit all helps with my decision!
    I saw your options and was thinking the same!
  8. Kenny777

    Kenny777 Well Known Member Member

    Not sure if you can fit a betta, shrimp and a snail in a 5.5gallon maybe just a betta and 1 snail but I don't think nothing else would fit in their. :/