Is This A Disease?



A week ago I got these oscar fishes from someone who did not want them. Like 2-3 days ago, I saw some white spots on their Pectoral fins and some on their caudal fin. Is this a disease? If yes then what is it? and how to treat it?

P.S I have not notice any behavior changes till now.They are very much active.



Can’t see much on the fins but they’re both emaciated and look to be stunted. I would do heavy water changes and feed a high protein diet of shrimp or krill to get their weight up.
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It looks like there are some spots on the body also, so it looks like they have ich. There are a couple of ways of treating ich.
1) Use a med such as Tetra LifeGuard which I have used to successfully treat ich in the past
2) Slowly raise the tank temperature to 86 degrees. Keep it at 86 degrees for two full weeks. Do daily gravel vacuuming's to remove the ich spore from the substrate. After 2 weeks slowly lower the tank temp to where you normally keep it.

Best of luck!

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