Is this a Chinese algea eater?

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    I went to the petstore to get a copple of Siamese algea eaters, I returned with two of what I think is Chinese algea eaters. The petstore I went to dont even know what they are, as the fish are listed as "General stuff" on the receipt, and I payed 6 USD for each fish! Something that might point to them not beeing Chinese algea eaters is that they cleand out all the algea in less than two days, something I have heard Chinese algea eaters usually dont do. Right now they are very shy, and dont seem to be bothering any other fish.
    If these are Chinese algea eaters they will grow out of my tank and I have heard that they arent the most friendly fish in the world. What should I do?
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    Yes they're CAEs

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    Chinese Algae Eaters DO eat algae as juveniles but they stop doing this as they get older. You need to really understand the shape of the mouth and the finnage so you buy the TRUE SAEs and not end up buying a CAE.

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    Thanks Hampalong, couldn't see the link earlier no idea why
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