Is there something wrong with my gourami?



I noticed today my blue gouramI wasn’t swimming properly. The fish would either float at the top (as seen in the video) or “perch” on the sand bed. When it would grow to swim upwards, the fish would end spiraling in different directions. It just started today. I once had a betta fish that showed similar swimming behavior and it turned out to be swim bladder. I have guppies and loaches in the same tank that are displaying normal behavior. I moved the gouramI into a holding tank. I am open to any advice you may have!



I'm a newbie still but I had a yellow gouramI once I similar thing happened an unfortunately he passed but then again it could just be the swim bladder.


Tank size, inhabitants, feeding and parameters?

You’ll want to do water changes daily to keep water top notch. There looks like swelling which is likely bloat or a swim bladder issue.

Either skip feeding for a couple of days or feed Daphnia or shelled peas.

But water quality is usually the most important thing to keep on top of.

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