Is There Anything To Fear Besides Fear Itself? Question

Discussion in 'Platy' started by Forest Howlett, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. Forest HowlettNew MemberMember

    My female platy Sunshine was pregnant when I bought her, and had babies inside this 1 1/2gal.
    She must have ate most of them because only 2 were left by the end of it. CudJtP0h.jpg

    Speed up about 3 weeks and they have grown from a centimeter to about half an inch!
    I have been feeding them a combination of spirulina flakes and color enhancing pellets I have to crush to a powder almost.

    Since these cute little platys were birthed my plan has been to add them, along with their mother to my 20 gal with my corys and amano shrimps. The Shrimps are less than an inch, and some of the peppered corys are getting near mature size.

    I feel like they are quickly outgrowing the tiny space they occupy currently. I have only ever dealt with african cichlid fry in a 30gal with very large honeycomb rocks so there was never an issue of moving fry around as they had near infinite places to hide.

    This is the 20gal I would like to add them too. Any suggestions on when and how to put the fry in?
    Am I over thinking it?
  2. A201Well Known MemberMember

    I think you are worrying too much. Thats a very nice 20 gal. setup. I've never know Cory Cats to be alpha predators, but if a tiny fry got close enough to a cory's mouth, who knows?
    As for shrimp, never kept them, more like fish food to me. Lol
    Probably not going to be much of a threat to the babies.
    Post pics after transfer.
  3. Ed1957Well Known MemberMember

    Put the female in the 20 and leave the fry in the smaller tank. When the fry are larger move them to the 20.