Is there anything I can do for him

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    Hi. I recently purchased two black kuhli loaches, to join my existing loach, and I have more on hold at the LFS. One of my new fish has a deformed tail and fins. I assume it is a birth defect, because nothing at all looks like it was torn, it just happens to be like that. He has a harder time getting to food, so I put his food right in front of the cave so he doesn't have to go far. My tank is a misfits tank, and I do all I can to help each fish live a normal life. So, is there any way I can help the fish? He is okay getting to food, but he can't go very far
    . IMG_0575.JPG picture is sideways, sorry. It shows the tail of the loach, which is tapered instead of fanned.
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    Hello. I'll respond but I don't know anything about this. I was sort of waiting for an answer myself! I hope it all turns out alright.