is there any battery operated light

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by navita01, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. navita01New MemberMember

    hi guys im jut new here, and im just wondering if there is a battery operated light? i just started my tank 2 weeks ago, and i dont have all the equipment at this moment.
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  2. EchostaticWell Known MemberMember

    Firstly, welcome to Fishlore!

    Strictly battery operated? not that I know of. It would take a lot of juice to run a light for hours every day, especially lights beneficial for plants. Also, I'm sure someone is going to go into this in more detail, but I'm afraid you won't have much luck with your current setup.

    Firstly, I noticed you marked that you didn't know about the nitrogen cycle. Thoroughly understanding the nitrogen cycle is crucial to keeping a successful aquarium, and a failure to understand it has resulted in countless dead fish. Please, read this until you have a clear understanding of it.

    Secondly, your info says you have three goldfish in a 15 gallon tank. Unfortunately, that won't be large enough for even one goldfish, as they get quite large and are heavy water polluters. Please see this care sheet for more info.

    I'm sure others will chime in too, we all want everybody to have successful fish keeping experiences!
  3. OP

    navita01New MemberMember

    thanks for the reply sir. i have some idea with the cycle right now, so decided to use my fish to help cycle the tank. maybe tomorrow i will buy a filter and some other stuff. and im thinking of changing my fish to some smaller hardier fish, but if my goldfish survive while cycling, i will stick to it. actually i have another fish, so its 4 in total.
  4. EchostaticWell Known MemberMember

    Oh wow... I had a whole reply written out and I lost it. So to summarize...

    A filter will be absolutely essential for goldfish. They are heavy polluters and will quickly foul the water in a tiny tank.

    Even with a filter, 3 or 4 goldfish in a 15 gallon aquarium is a ticking time bomb. If they survive the cycle (during which you will need to do multiple large water changes daily while treating with Seachem Prime or Amquel Plus to neutralize the ammonia) and survive the stress of cramped living quarters without dying from disease, their growth will still be stunted from the small tank. Their internal organs will continue to grow however, resulting in a slow and early death.

    If you are determined to keep your goldfish, they will need a much larger tank (around 100 gallons, I think?) and some heavy filtration. There's a lot of bad info that leads many to believe goldfish can live in the conditions yours are in, or worse. But these goldfish only live a fraction of their lifetime because of the improper conditions. Please seriously reconsider finding new homes for them or doing a major aquarium upgrade, or dead fish will be the sad, inevitable outcome.
  5. OP

    navita01New MemberMember

    so how can i get rid of my goldies? i want to start again, but i will retain my tank, i think it already cycled but i dont know if it is in full.
  6. EchostaticWell Known MemberMember

    Getting rid of the fish is a really good decision. Where did you get them from? If from a pet store, see if they will take them back. Most will do so.

    If you started your tank two weeks ago, it is most likely not cycled, especially if you don't have a filter. The bacteria will be concentrated on the filter material. It usually takes several weeks. I would strongly recommend getting a filter that can flow 8 to 10 times your volume of water per hour. For a 15 gallon tank, that would mean a filter capable of flowing 120-150 gallons per hour. A hang-on-back style filter with enough flow should do well for you.

    You really won't know if your tank is cycled or not until you have a good testing kit. They make test strips and liquid test kits. The test strips are worthless, as they are very inaccurate. The liquid test kits are good. As the link I shared will tell you, when you can't detect ammonia or nitrites, and are reading nitrates, your tank should be cycled. Once the goldfish are out, you can keep the process going by adding fish food to the tank. It will release ammonia as it breaks down.

    There's a lot of really helpful articles here, it would help a lot to read through the relevant ones.

    Lastly, you might want to start a new thread in the section "Welcome to Fishlore", where you can introduce yourself, tell us about your aquarium and any equipment you have, what sort of fish you may want to keep, that sort of thing. It should get more attention.
  7. OP

    navita01New MemberMember

    man you are a great help, thanks for the replies and guides.

    i believe they wont take the fish back. lol, becuase i am from the philippines. tomorrow i will look for a better pet shop, probably in malls.

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