Is There A Difference Between Hygrophilia Narrow & Hygrophila Difformis?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by Snorlex, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. SnorlexNew MemberMember

    I see that the Hygrophila difformis has a longer stem then the "narrow" one. Is that the only difference?

    Here's a picture:

  2. Jocelyn AdelmanFishlore VIPMember

    Yes, hygrophilia difformis is also known as water wisteria, hygrophilia "narrow" is normally hygro corymbosa...

    Oddly enough the top picture looks like difformis submerged, and the second photo looks like it was emersed...

    Possible that there is a new form of difformis that I am not aware of
  3. SnorlexNew MemberMember

    hmm... I just dont wanna buy 2 of the same plant.
  4. ashenweltWell Known MemberMember

    So just an odd question... doesn't that look like emmersed water wisteria?

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