Is the New Post column supposed to scroll so inconveniently, or is it a bug?


When I open the forum and scroll down, the New Post column is fixed in one place and only the main area moves. If I want to check out new post, I need to click on "down" arrow on top of that section, but then it goes ALL the way to the bottom and I have to scroll up to see the list - but at least it's scrollable after that. I was wondering whether that's just clumsy UI, or is it some browser incompatibility, bug etc. PC, Firefox.

Addition: now I noticed that it doesn't move only for the first half of the scroll bar, and then starts moving. So it's not THAT inconvenient when you know how it works. Still really weird and counterintuitive though.


How funny...I have NEVER noticed that! It does get better if you keep scrolling down.

Admittedly, I don't usually even spend any time on the main page. As soon as I login, I go straight to "What's new" on the top task bar.


New Post Column and main page scroll together for me. But it would not bother me if they didn't scroll together.
I see no issue?

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