Is The Location Right ? Question

  1. SidTheAquarist

    SidTheAquarist New Member Member

    My tank is a 33g Boyu tank with the power head filter on the left back corner that comes with it.

    There are two planted drift woods :
    A. One with anubias nana.
    B. Second one with java fern and java moss.

    Which layout is better :
    1. B on right. A in left front, just between you and the filter suction.
    2. B on right. A in the middle back.

    I feel B is better as it does not block the filter but A looks nicer !

    Kindly see the pics for 1 and 2 and advise. Thanks !! 20180612_064109.jpg 20180612_065155.jpg
  2. Algonquin

    Algonquin Well Known Member Member

    I prefer the setup in the second picture... it looks a bit more natural. :) Maybe add a tall plant in the left corner, with some dark rocks in front of it?
    It's very nice! love the white sand.