Is the heat and salt treatment safe for CDs?

  1. Iris Trapp Initiate Member

    I brought ick into my tank a week ago with some cardinals. I raised the temp, is salt ok for the Corys, RCS, and snails at a ratio of 1 tbs to 5G of water?

    I also have an oto and a bumble goby in there
  2. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    You don't really need to add salt. Just keep the temperature elevated, vacuum the bottom frequently, and provide some additional aeration by dropping a couple of airstones.
  3. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Salt should be ok, I wouldnt suggest, especially w/ RCS. But use heat of atleast 86, make sure your shrimp are still moving about, they are a bit more unstable to changes, raise as slowly as possibly, like a few degrees per hour. You NEEDto gravel vac the substrate to suck up any fallen ich growths. If you use meds... make 100% sure they are invertebrate safe for shrimp.
  4. Iris Trapp Initiate Member

    It's been about four days at about 85, my heater is turned all the way up, it says 89 but my thermostat says 84-85. I added 1/4 strength salt. One of my cories now has it, my shrimp have been hiding but I see them moving a bit.
    However the cardinals look terrible, their fins are now shredded to bits scales look all lumpy and they almost look like they have a milky slim on thema. my Corys are definitely not happy I'm just worried I will loose my entire tank. How bad is it supposed to get before it gets better?

    I have done two water changes with vacuuming the substrate, it's a moderately planted tank, with drift wood.[​IMG]
  5. Skyy2112 Member Member

    It can take atleast a couple days, BUT, 86* water will make the ich move through its lifespan faster, and eventually fall off.

    I would not use salt and heat simultaneously. It takes tons of O2 from the water. (Add a bubbler if possible!
  6. Iris Trapp Initiate Member

    I did add an air stone, it's not on in this pic, it's from a week ago. I've been keeping the lights off. I just tested my water again and everything looks good. I have the multi stop for everything except ammonia but that looks good too. [​IMG]

    *strip.. I know it's not the best but I have got the master kit yet

    *haven't. Omg spell check.. Lol
  7. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Strips can be very iffy. It would be safe to do more than one waterchange per day, especially when heating/salting.

    Just make sure your water is conditioned
  8. Iris Trapp Initiate Member

    For sure, I do have a question about that, when using conditioner and I have been using the biological enhancer do you treat the amount of water you put into the tank or the volume of the entire tank?

    And if you treat the volume of the tank, when doing daily water changes you would use enough conditioner to treat 20g even if your only changing 5g?
  9. Skyy2112 Member Member

    The amount changed.
  10. Iris Trapp Initiate Member

    Thank you
  11. Iris Trapp Initiate Member

    So on day number six of the heat treatment there has been no improvement. I've lost one neon, 1 cardinal is now swimming upside down and one of my Corys is also on his way out. If the fish loose any cysts they immediately get more, their skin is all lumpy and the cardinals barely have any fins left.

    Do I take out all infected fish and treat them with meds and continue the heat treatment in this tank or should I just take out my plants snail and shrimp and medicate the big tank. I'm trying to decide if I just want to set up a shrimp tank.

    Watching all my fish deteriorate sucks.

    I sucked up at least 20 cysts from the bottom of the tank last night, but I have pool sand and it's really had to get them.
  12. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    To be honest I seriously doubt you're battling Ich.
    In post 4 you're talking about whitish slime.
    In the last post you're talking about sucking up cysts. Ich in that stage is invisible so you won't see cysts.

    Personally I think it is another infection shouldn't treat with heat.

    Could you place pics of your fish.
  13. Iris Trapp Initiate Member

    This is my first time dealing with this, I thought when the cysts fall off the fish you could still see it until they burst? There is just so much info out there. Maybe it was just whiter pieces of sand and I'm being paranoid, lol. The good news is nothing else in my display seems to be affected, but I'm thinking of keeping the heat up for another 12 days or so.

    I lost the cory and one Cardinal last night, but the rest seem to be doing ok. Maybe the whitish slim I say was from them damaging their skin and fins so bad. It's hard to get a clear picture of them but here is what's left of the effected in the hospital tank.
    They have looked like the top cardinal all week, this is the first time I've see any improvement.

    ImageUploadedByFish Lore Aquarium Fish Forum1466354465.549219.jpg
  14. Iris Trapp Initiate Member

    I just realized that I didn't write what I did.

    I removed all infected fish and put them into a 5g hospital tank, with a filter that just has some polywool in it and a heater. I treated with ick guard and also added biological enhancer, I then put some melafix into it as well to help with their fins.
    I put a towel over the tank to keep them in the dark and calm.

    This morning the ones that are left look a tiny bit better but we will see what happens.

    I have noticed a lot more movement and happier fish in my display since I removed all affected fish
  15. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    It seems Ich to me Iris.
    Problem there seems to be a very resistant (to heath and some meds) strain of Ich (especially in Cardinals).

    Ich should be treated in te maintank though cause of the invisible parasites that will be in there.

    I'd try a different brand of meds.
  16. Iris Trapp Initiate Member

    I just started actual meds yesterday on these guys. The main tank still has its heat turned up.

    I'm just worried about using meds in my display because of the shrimp and snails.

    Thank you for everyone's advice this fish keeping business is hard work lol. But worth it. I will keep you guys updated.
  17. Iris Trapp Initiate Member

    Day four of treating the hospital tank, I lost 1 neon, 2 cardinals and 1 cory. The 3 cardinals and 2 neons I have left are improving and almost all signs of ick are gone, I will continue to treat for a couple more days.

    My display is still turned to 86f and no sign of the parasite in that tank, I will continue the heat in that tank for another week.

    The hospital tank will stay set up for the next three weeks before introducing the fish back into the display. They are being treated with ick guard at 1/2 strength and melafix. 25% water changes daily with treatment.

    One more of my cardinals may have lived but jumped out of the hospital tank I found him on the counter.

    Even though I love cardinals I may rethink ever getting them again, after the failed heat treatment on them and their skiddish temperament I will stick with neons. Or something entirely different.