Is Something Wrong With My Cory Catfish??

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Originally, I had three cory catfish in a ten gallon. As soon as they were acclimated, I let them out and they instantly hid. I thought, okay this is stressful I'll just wait a week to see if their personality comes out. I waited about a month and I still only saw them about once a week. The only thing they came out for was food. Even then after I fed them I have to go straight to breakfast. They wait for me to walk away then they come out. I don't really know if this is normal or not. These are my first corys. Yesterday I went to petsmart to get them some buddies to see if that would help. I acclimated them for 30 minutes then let them out. These cory catfish are a ton more active then the other ones. Occasionally swimming up and down the tank walls and always digging through the sand. I've been told this is normal behavior, so is there something wrong with my other corries?? or is it just their personality. thanks a lot!
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What are their tankmates? Can you post a picture?
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Here is their tank and I can't really get a picture of them because they are extremely shy. Their colors are bright and I haven't seen any fungus looking things. One of the pictures is of the easiest one to photo graph. The albino next to him is active. Not very worried about the albino.

I have my Cory's in with a betta, and six ember tetras. Because the bioload is large I do a half water change once a week. The betta is newer and really doesn't care about anything but his food. Lol. I've had the Cory's for a while before the betta. I just got a rare picture of one of the peppered Cory. Sorry it's not very focused and doesn't show her whole body. Extremely haha to get a picture of these guys.


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I’m not verse with Cory fish but it looks like you got a albino, bandit and a pepper. Typically they will want to hang with their own if you wanted albino you should have gotten 6 of them vs a mix bag of different colors and species.

It’s possible that they’re not used to being with other kinds but hey...your promoting unity!
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The smaller cory in the 1st pic might be a panda. This type is smaller than albino, it may be a younger cory too.

Also, I could be wrong, but I think albino and peppered is the same genus, so theoretically, they should school together. For some reason though, I'm thinking there is also an albino form of the bronze cory. So in that case, it would depend on which albino form you have.

What type were the new cories? Any of the original start to school with the newbies?
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No the albinos are new. I got the albino peppered genus. Mostly the albinos schooling with the albinos. Were on same tank at pet store except for one. Was all alone and I have a weak spot....

Was looking all around tank for friends.
Just had to get him. Very happy and is mostly schooling with albinos. Tried to school with my betta... Lol. He just swam away not caring at all

The peppered and pandas used to school but don't anymore this picture was from a month ago.


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They all look healthy to me. I think it's just that that the panda is all alone maybe.

Do all the peppered cories hang out together?

Did you buy all the albinos together?

What kinds of cories was in the first batch? Then you got how many albinos?
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First was peppered, and panda. Then albinos. No the peppered sometimes stay together but not always. Yes I bought the albinos together as well as the peppers just at different times. Don't really know why the peppers aren't as active as the albinos.

In the store tank the peppers were just as active as the albinos. I only got two albinos the same genus as the peppered hoping they would school and come out but so far no luck.

There is only three Corys that school. Always active.
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HI & welcome to Fishlore, from the pics it looks like your albinos are C.aenus, a different species from the peppered so you have a collection of corys rather than a shoal & that would be a factor in their shyness.
I’d suggest choosing which species you like best, up their number & return the rest, I’d also suggest if possible a larger tank as 10 gallon isn’t really big enough for corys, especially aenus & peppered as they’re some of the larger corys.
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The albino in the pic is C.aeneus to me.

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