Is she ready to pop???

  1. Azurespider Initiate Member

    I can't tell if she has the boxed look yet. She is big and her gravid spot is all black. She's not eating as voraciously as she usually does.
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I'd guess she has around a week to go yet

  3. Azurespider Initiate Member

    She had them today

    All look healthy and she had them during he day and I was out and missed it!!!
  4. kingguppy9000 Member Member

    Did you seperate them out yet?

  5. Azurespider Initiate Member

    Yes momma is back in the big tank, I waited until I was sure she was done.
  6. codyrex97 Well Known Member Member

    Is your filter intake covered? Wouldn't want em getting sucked in.
  7. Azurespider Initiate Member


  8. kingguppy9000 Member Member

    I've been considering a few guppies to breed
  9. Azurespider Initiate Member

    Make sure they are well bred I actually got a bunch of them at petco and only this is the only one that survived and actually had her babies.
  10. LJC6780 Well Known Member Member

    I have 3 that are pregnant and expect babies any day now ... how exciting!