Is my whisker shrimp sick?

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    rachelespinoza New Member Member

    I'm new to owning shrimp. I picked up 3 whisker shrimp about a week ago and so far so good. These guys are so cool. They have all been eating and swimming around. I feed my corydoras sinking pellets and my pleco algae wafers, which the shrimp eat also.

    Anyway, this morning I noticed one of them looked a bit different than the others. Inside back of his head is very red. I'm aware that's where the stomach is. I'm sharing because I don't know much about shrimp and my research about whisker shrimp only got so far.

    If anyone has any answers it would be appreciated

    Btw, my tank is due for a cleaning today so ignore the waste.

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    rachelespinoza New Member Member

    I found the problem. The shrimp ate a neon! I just discovered the body. What should I do? Keep the shrimp or return them to my lfs. I have platies, cory cats, neon, and two sparking gouramis. I don't want to lose anymore fish.

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