Is my tank safe?

  1. Rocky007Ninja Initiate Member

    I just started my 55 gal fresh - brackish tank. I didn't know about the nitrogen cycle before I started it. So I gave the water 24 hours to cycle and boom I put in fish.

    I did lose a couple at first that were probably stressed. One had ick a week ago but with high temps and salt (turning brackish anyways) it has cleaned up.

    My dilemma is my test strips (I know I need the master test kit) are showing nitrate 20 nitrite 5 after a 40% pwc before it was 10ish. Gh 300 kh 250 pH 8.4. I cannot test for ammonia yet but did buy a tetra product to minimize ammonia and nitrite which is gone now.

    My aquarium has been running for a month and I haven't had losses in 2 weeks the last one with ick. They look happy so i don't know if I should worry?
  2. jhigg008 Well Known Member Member

    Hello! Sorry about your cycling issues. You definitely need an ammonia tester. I would also recommend Seachem Prime which should help detoxify ammonia and helps with nitrites too. BUT 5ppm nitrites is really high. I would do another large water change tomorrow. Perhaps 80% or so. Have you tested your tap water to see if you have any nitrite or nitrate readings?
  3. Rocky007Ninja Initiate Member

    I haven't I will really quick. I don't think it's cycled yet and the nitrites have been high for a week or 2. I've been doing 50% pwc every other day this week
  4. Dovah Well Known Member Member

    Every other day may seem beneficial so that the inhabitants can recover but they are being poisoned right now - every day >50% PWCs sounds like a good plan.
  5. Rocky007Ninja Initiate Member

    Thanks my tap has 0 nitrates or nitrites but is very hard being from wells. They are doing well I don't see any weird things from the fish going on. But I understand the daily 50+ pwc. Is there anything I should add to the tank?
  6. Dovah Well Known Member Member

  7. Rocky007Ninja Initiate Member

    Ok I'll get prime! Should I be worried that my fish seem perfectly healthy? I know mollies are hardy but I don't want to abuse that... I use jungle start right it's a Walmart product for removing chlorine that adds a slime coat which may be why they aren't dieing..?
  8. jhigg008 Well Known Member Member

    I doubt that is why they are not dying, unless Start Right detoxifies ammonia. But It seems like your tank is midcycle, so really the nitrites are concerning right now. I would get the Master Test Kit as soon as you can. If you can't swing that now, at least get the ammonia test kit.

    Update: you should also grab some Seachem Stability. It should help you speed up the cycle process. This product allows you to do water changes while using it, while other products like Tetra Safe Start Plus (which works pretty well too) do not work with water changes. Because your nitrites are so high I would say you need to be doing water changes so Stability is going to be your friend.