Is My Tank Ready For Fish?

  1. Kristin919 Initiate Member

    hi everyone, I've been cycling my new 55gallon freshwater aquarium for 3 weeks now, i have a 20gallon freshwater tank that i'm planning on moving those fish into the new tank. I put a little bit of sand from my old tank to the 50g, a marimo from the 20, artificial plants and rocks from my 20g all into the new 55 gallon. My 55 gallon is a planted tank. When I first set up the tank I added stress coat, stress zyme, prime and a ph buffer. I am trying to do the fishless cycle, I let that run for about a week and then I went to the store and picked up quick start and dosed the tank with that and then added fish flakes every other day for about 2 1/2 weeks. Ive been testing the ammonia but i didn't test the first week so i dont know if the ammonia spiked or not however everytime i've tested for ammonia it has been 0-0.25 and nitrates and nitrites are 0 from what I could see. Does it sound like it's cycling right? should a add a danio or soemthing to help the cycle? or Should I just take the filter off of my other tank (the 20g) and just put that on my new tank along with the 75g filter thats on the 50gallon tank. And if I did put the old filter on my new tank my fish should be able to go right in correct? because the bioload would be the same as on my old tank? Also my water on both tanks as far as temp, ph and hardness are the same.
  2. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    It should be ready in about another week. I would take some filter media from the 20 and that will speed it up a lot.
  3. Kristin919 Initiate Member

    My filters are HOB filters so do you mean take the filter cartridge that's in my 20 gallon right now and put that in my 55 gallon filter?

    also the fish that are in my 20g that will be going into my 55g are 3 cory doras, 2 guppies, a kuhli loach and a botia angelicus. Those are the fish I own already, I plan to get more in the future but just so you can get an ideo of my stocking at the moment
  4. bNissan Member Member

    You could either throw the filter pad into your 55G filter, or hang your 20G setup onto the tank you are looking to help cycle.
  5. goplecos Well Known Member Member

    That would work great or if you have some aquarium sponge put that in.
  6. Kristin919 Initiate Member

    if i put both filters on the 55 gallon, so one filter is established from my old tank and the other is cycling, could the fish go in immediately since the old filter can support the fish from my other tank? or is it safer to do what you're suggesting and just use the filter media from my old tank

    if i put the whole filter on, do my fish go into the new tank right away?
  7. bNissan Member Member

    You should be perfectly fine to do that with both filters running in the 55G tank. Although, It will still take time for a suitable bacteria colony to build up in the dedicated 55G filter.
  8. Kristin919 Initiate Member

    right, so If i put the old filter on the new tank today theoretically the fish could go right in? and then after a few months I can remove the 20g filter after the 55g filter is established?
  9. bNissan Member Member

    Yup, just make sure you aren't blowing your fish around with all of the increased flow.
  10. Kristin919 Initiate Member

    thank you for the help!
  11. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, or just leave it in as backup additional filtration. You can never have too much, as long as the flow is appropriate. Your plan should work, just monitor closely for awhile. Monitor ammonia, nitrites, and watch for rising nitrates. Acclimate the fish a little, I wouldn't just dump them in. Good luck!
  12. Kristin919 Initiate Member

    of course, thank you so much