Is my tank overstocked?

i have a 26 gallon Fluval bowfront, with an Aquaclear 30 gallon HOB filter with sponge, filter media and purigen and a heater set to 26 degrees Celsius. Gravel but planted with floating plants and wood.

Here is my stock:

5 cardinals
7 lampeye killifish
5 tetra pristellas
3 orange/pink tetras (no idea of their names)
3 snails
3 corydoras (2 albinos, 1 bronze)
1 Pearl gourami

I do 40% water changes per week using prime and I feed everyday alternating with blanched vegetables, pellets and brine shrimp.

I hesitated for the pearl gourami but my LFS told me it would be fine...but I’m not sure. I wanted a statement piece fish but now i regret it a little. I’ve noticed a behavioural change with my fish, they chase each other now? I don’t see any biting but they chase and then just continue like normal. One of my corydoras is getting bullied mercilessly because he’s recovering from an injury. Multiple fish gang up on him and bite his fins. Poor little guy, I feel so bad but I don’t have another tank ready to place him in. I don’t know if this means they’re feeling cramped and taking it out on the weaker one. I didn’t really have this problem before I added the bigger fish, although the gourami is pretty calm with the others, they do get out of the way quickly when she swims by.

what do you guys think?
it looks like there were glow light tetraswere they the orange pink ones
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Eaton said:
it looks like there were glow light tetraswere they the orange pink ones
yes exactly! They’re glow light tetras! Thank you I had totally forgotten :)
it looks great to me.
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