Is my tank overcrowded ?

Is my tank overcrowded ?

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I've just shifted my kois and goldfishes to the tank which previously housed the fishes on the left side of the tank. I've put in a glass seperator as I've had my gold fishes eaten by the Oscars. I was wondering is my tank a bit overcrowded and should I remove the glass seperator I've put in as it may be limiting the space available for the fishes ??


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Sad to say so, it is overcowded and most if your fish will grow out of the tank soon. You have some specimens that could potentially grow over a meter in length.
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Yes by a huge margin. It’s overstocked now but in a year or so when they grow it will be very difficult to keep them alive.
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Ok, I'll walk you through:

1 - Jewel cichlids. Likely already adult size, can be VERY aggressive. So aggressive most people advice to keep them in a species tank on their own.
2 - is this a Tin-foil barb? It will at least triple in size, needs a lot of swimming room and a messy eater that ups the bioload a lot.
3 - Oscars. will triple in size at least, messy eaters and though they seem dosile can be beasts to the other fish.
4 - Pangasius. depending on the species they can grow to real monsters of over a meter in length. Giants in the Mekong River have been measured to 3m. Needs a lot of space and prone to injuring their snout on the glass.
5 - silver dollars. Schooling fish, might double in size.
6 - just noticed, same as 2.
7 - blood parrots. will double in size. At least not aggressive under normal circumstances.
8 - Looks a lot like an albino heros cichlid. Also potentially doubling in size at one point.
9 - common pleco. Has the potential to tenfold its current size.
And the goldfish are by no means compatible with the rest.

The tank is already heavily overstocked and by no means ok for any fish in there. The size of the tank alone would only suffice for the jewels or the parrots alone.

So your options are either rehome all but one species that doesn't grow too big or rehome all of them and start over.

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Your tank is like 1 of every fish that petsmart/petco sells to everyone, that should not be sold to 95% of people, as they don't have big enough tanks for them. I would love to know who thought selling pangasius catfish as pets would be a good idea, since they grow to be ENORMOUS.

I also see a rainbow and bala shark in there as well. Size wise, the rainbow shark is a good fish for that size tank. Bala sharks reach 12", and need to be kept in groups, as they are a shoaling fish.

Goldfish should not be kept with the rest of the fish, which are all tropical and need warmer temperatures. A lot of your goldies look to have the longer body shape, so I am assuming comment or common goldfish. These guys grow to around 12-18." The more fancy, short bodied goldies will reach around 8." Koi reach around 24"

Is this tank meant to be a grow out tank, or their permanent home? If their permanent home as adults, it is far too crowded.

Sad to say, you need to choose which fish you want (and that can live happily in your tank) to keep, and then rehome the rest. What size is the tank? I can't tell from the picture.

Just to add as well, there are tons of people who will report that they kept so and so large fish in a tiny tank, they grew to the size of the aquarium. Here is more info on it Do fish grow to the size of their tank? - INJAF

It always is unfortunate to hear that we are overstocked and need to rehome, but it is really great that you posted on here for feedback! I can tell you really care about your fish!

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