Is My Tank Done Cycling? Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by JasmineElizabeth, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. JasmineElizabethNew MemberMember

    I started a fishless cycle 4/8 and been building up ammonia it's been reading at 1ppm for 2 weeks it's 4/20 and my ammonia is 1ppm
    Nitrites is a little less than 0.25 ppm
    Nitrates are 5.0ppm
    So now do I just wait for ammonia and nitrates to go down? I haven't don't any water changes or anything yet.
  2. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

  3. JasmineElizabethNew MemberMember

    So do I just wait for the rest of the ammonia to convert to nitrites?

  4. Sagar JoshiValued MemberMember

    Once you see ammonia going to zero, I would it again. You want to continue that until your ammonia gets to nitrates in 24 hours. So basically if you add 1ppm ammonia in the morning, next morning you should have 0 ammonia 0 nitrites and some nitrates.

    If you have KH kit, I would monitor KH. As ammonia and nitrites are processed, kH will drop. If it’s gets to 0 your cycle will stall. To solve that, You will need to do a water change and introduce ammonia again. Make sure to Prime or similar water conditioner while doing water changes. I would recommend weekly 50%.

  5. JasmineElizabethNew MemberMember

    I have only the api master kit right now but I'm getting stability and prime Monday. So if the ammonia isn't converted to nitites in 24 hours I should restart the cycle?
  6. Momgoose56Well Known MemberMember

    No don't restart your cycle. Your tank is doing fine. You really don't need Prime OR Stability unless you have fish in your tank while it's cycling (I assume you don't because you said you're doing fishless cycling) You also don't need to test your KH unless your tank isn't cycling (it is) or you are having wild pH fluctuations.
    Read about the Nitrogen Cycle so that you know what chemical and biological processes have to occur before you put fish in the tank.
    What are you using as an ammonia source in your tank? Did you use any bottled bacteria starter?
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  7. JasmineElizabethNew MemberMember

    I used fish food and waited for ammonia to show up after a few days Its been 2 weeks since I started cycling. I read about the cycle but I'm confused I'm finally reading nitrites and nitrates I thought I needed more ammonia to start the cycle. I'm hoping I'm close to being done and I haven't put anything else in the water besides making the water safe when I first filled the tank. I have stability and prime coming Monday in case.
  8. FancytailaquaticsNew MemberMember

    Prime and stability are not needed as far as cycling is concerned! If you are dosing say 3-4 parts ammonia, you want that to disappear in 24 hours or less. Then a massive 70-80% water change assuming Nitrites spiked and came back down. My typical water cycle is about 4-5 weeks, don't rush it :)
  9. JasmineElizabethNew MemberMember

    OK so I just kinda wait for the ammonia to go down, once the ammonia is down is my cycle done?
  10. FancytailaquaticsNew MemberMember

    Well, when it reads 0 after 24 hours of dosing, and Nitrites should be 0 and Nitrates are 80+ and higher, than yes. Expect brown dirty water. Also, make sure you have supplied the heater/decorations/substrate/live plants during this period! You need all the beneficial bacteria you can get and it does not live in open water!
  11. JasmineElizabethNew MemberMember

    I have gravel,plastic plants, Moss balls and a few decorations, heater and filter and am getting more live plants eventually. OK my nitrates are at 5.ppm right now so well see tmw
  12. FancytailaquaticsNew MemberMember

    Cool, patience and you are getting there it seems. Remember at times, the mudder while slow, wins the race :)
  13. Momgoose56Well Known MemberMember

    Keep feeding the tank fish food like you've been doing while your tank is cycling.
  14. Sagar JoshiValued MemberMember

    You need prime to get chlorine out. It will kill bacteria impacting your cycle.
  15. Do0kskiValued MemberMember

    Yep, then wait till the Nitrites convert to Nitrates
  16. mattgirlFishlore VIPMember

    Just to be clear. Using a water conditioner if the source water contains chlorine/chloramines is very important. Any of the many water conditioners on the market that removes chlorine/chloramines will be fine when doing a fishless cycle. Prime really is important when doing a fish in cycle though.

    When doing a fishless cycle it is best not to use a product that neutralizes ammonia so in this case it is better to use a conditioner other than Prime.

    as always just my humble opinion.