Is my tank already stocked?

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    From my signature below, you can see the population of my 29 gallon tank. I am very proud of my set up and enjoy watching and caring for my fish. They are seemingly happy too. Should I stop adding fish to this tank? They currently have plenty of space and are all amenable with one another. As I watched them this morning, after feeding and before leaving for work, the tank seemed complete. Perhaps I've answered my own question? I'll try to learn how to post pictures of my creation for your enjoyment as well. Comments, please. And thanks for all of your help and advice along the way! ;D
  2. Isabella

    Isabella Fishlore VIP Member

    Hi Dahly :) Here are some of my calculations for your fish. As you know, the general rule is to have 1 inch of fish per 1 gallon of water. But it's even better to have 1 inch of fish per 2 gallons of water (better for the fish, that is - because in natural environment there are not as many fish per, for example, 30 gallons of water as there are in aquaria).

    From what I read, Corys that you have grow up to 2 inches, clown pleco up to 5 inches, dwarf gouramis up to 2 inches, white skirt tetras up to 2 inches, and diamond tetras up to 2.5 inches. So:

    5 white skirt tetras x 2" = 10"
    7 diamond tetras x 2.5" = 17.5"
    2 corys x 2" = 4"
    1 clown pleco x 5" = 5"
    2 gouramis x 2" = 4"

    The total is 40.5 inches. Your tank is 29 gallons in volume. I think you shouldn't be getting any more fish! Unless I got wrong the sizes of your fish once they're adult. If so, disregard this calculation.
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    ooooo sounds nice! post some pics dahly!
    we all love pics... ;D
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    Very Good Isabella!!! ;) Dahly I think you just answered your own question ;D I think you should just leave it as is and enjoy it and the pictures are where? :D
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    dahly Valued Member Member

    The pictures are coming!  I will use my wife's digital and my 14 year old will show me how to post them.  Sometime this week I'd guess. Isabella, I hope your numbers are high :) Or else I'll need a larger tank! :D Thanks for your efforts!
  6. Isabella

    Isabella Fishlore VIP Member

    LOL Dahly, my numbers are simply based on the adult size of all of your fish. Though it seems overstocked, I think if you get good filtration and do your water changes regularly, all should be fine. And I want to see the pictures too! Waiting :)