Is My Snail Dead? Help

Discussion in 'Snails' started by Splatbug85, Apr 15, 2019.


Is he dead, or is there a chance he's gonna pull through?

  1. He's a goner!

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  2. He MIGHT still be alive.

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  3. He's gonna make it!

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  1. Splatbug85New MemberMember

    This sneaky nerite snail got out of the tank and was out for about 5 days. I finally found him and he was dry and his little flap door deal was dried shut. I threw him back in the tank in hopes he would rehydrate and still be alive. He's been in there for almost 24 hours and he just bobs there. He doesn't sink. Just floats there. I've done the sniff test...many times. It just smells like fishy water. We are watching parameters while he's in there as well. It's he dead? Should I just take him out and give him a nice burial? Or is there hope?
  2. Addie42Well Known MemberMember

    I’d give it another day and then declare death
    what is it, 48 hours before assuming the missing person is a goner?
  3. Sheena-PhxValued MemberMember

    With a nerite being on the smaller side, plus him being out for a few days anyhow, the smell test may not work in this case. I know when they close their little trapdoors they really get them in there, but since he's been back in the tank re-hydrating, maybe take him out and see if his little door is loose or will open. If it's still shut tight, maybe he's still alive? I don't personally think that a nerite could stay alive that many days out of water, but I could be wrong. I would say as long as water parameters are good, leave the little guy in and give him a chance. If he is still alive maybe he is going through a post traumatic stress kinda thing? So he isn't coming out. But, if he is floating that could also point to he dried out already. Is there anyway to hold a really bright flashlight up to his shell to see if you can see how full his body is in there? Just a whole bunch of thoughts, sorry! Hopefully he made it, that would be awesome. Keep us updated!