Is My Pregnant Platy Sick? Question

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by Nishadhi, Jul 19, 2019.

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    I just bought a pregnant platy from the petstore about 2 hours ago and put it into my tank. I made sure to acclimatize it and everything. When I first saw it at the fish store it’s tail was closed a little bit and it was sitting at the bottom of the tank. I thought that this is probably because it is very pregnant. Even now that it is in my tank it’s tail is still closed and it is swimming around a little bit but is mostly at the bottom. It doesn’t seem to be struggling to swim but just sitting at the bottom with its tail closed up. I was wondering if this is because she is pregnant or sick? Also a side question I have is how soon do you think she will have her babies based on the pictures? IMG_4636.jpgIMG_4637.jpgIMG_4638.jpg
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    She looks to have clamped fins which indicate stress which can either be from parameters, shipping, environment and so on.

    What are your parameters? This wouldn't hurt to check even if they end up being okay. If the parameters are okay, give her a few days to see if she perks up or if any other symptoms become apparent.

    Also, from the picture, she probably at least has 2-3 more weeks but it is difficult to pinpoint this as I do not know when her gravid spot started which would help give an estimate. Even with any of my livebearers I had, I could guess but you just don't know unfortunately. Had females give fry prematurely, on time or over time. Another way to tell if she's getting close is if she distances herself more to look for good hiding spots to give birth in. Most of females would start this behavior within 1-5 days of when they would be close.
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    She died 2 days after birth