Is my Platy preggers? What to do?!?!?

  1. YoungClayB Member Member

    Hi everyone. I bought 2 female Platys about a month ago. When I first got them, one seemed a little bigger than the other but I didn't really think anything of it. Now, a month later, the bigger one is getting really fat in the stomach area. Is my platy pregnant? Any way to tell how far along? If she is pregnant, should I put her in a 10 gallon tank by herself?

    I am new to fish keeping but this is potentially very exciting for me and my 7 year old son. He is actually having trouble going to sleep right now because he is worried about the baby fish. :)

    Here are some pics:
  2. apple429 Well Known Member Member

    yup, pregnant, I would put her in a 10g tank, if you want fry... make sure you have hiding places for the fry!!! Congrats...
    here is the link to the livebearer breeding page:
  3. Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    She does look pregnant to me, if she has been that way for a month, she should be due any time now. If you want to keep all the fry, you could move to the 10 until she delivers, but once she does, remove her or she will eat the babies. and you can probibly expect to see babies every four weeks or so for up to six months ( unless you have a male, then you can exepct fry about once a month indeffinatlly) . The stomach usually starts to look squared when they get close to delivering.
  4. I keep fish Well Known Member Member

    if you lose them you can have my guppy fry i dont need anymore lol. Yea shes pregnant move her to the 10 gallon and wait :D
  5. YoungClayB Member Member

    My 10 gallon is currently disassembled. Looks like water changes and prime are in store for me.
  6. Donnerjay Well Known Member Member

    Hello there.

    It would help us help you if you could fill in your aquarium information. At the top of the page, click on My Settings. Then, click on Edit Aquarium Info.

    I would recommend against putting her in an uncycled 10 gallon tank. The shock could prove too much for her.

    What tank is she in now, and what are the tankmates? What are the water parameters? Do you know about the nitrogen cycle?

    I know, lots of questions! But we just want to help you along and enjoy the journey of fishkeeping.
  7. YoungClayB Member Member

    So, this morning, I set up the 10g tank and got her moved over. The tank isnt completely uncycled. I have established filter media that I am using, so hopefully that will help.

    Here's the thing, she is not nearly as bloated looking as she was last night. Could she have had the fry and they got eaten so quickly?

    Also, when I saw her yesterday, she was noticeably more bloated that the day before...this is really strange. Its almost like she puffed up for 24 hours and is now back to normal....normal is relative though, she is still a lot fatter than the other platy. Here are some pics...still pregnant?
  8. apple429 Well Known Member Member

    thats what my female swordtail does when she is about ready... I would say with the next week you will have fry... make sure you have food and hiding places for them!!
  9. YoungClayB Member Member

    Cool. Also had another question: something is coming out of her that looks almost like a spider web strand - doesn't appear to be poop. Is this normal? What is it?
  10. octonaut Member Member

    Tiger's doing that too, has been for nearly 2 weeks, but gradually getting generally bulgier and bulgier. my kids are soooo excited too!

    Good luck! keep us posted :)
  11. YoungClayB Member Member

    Ok. Someone please talk me off the ledge here. I may be reading too much but bloating coupled with white stringy poop doesn't sound like a good combo. :-/

    I'm beginning to wonder if this is pregnancy at all. Any input is appreciated.

  12. apple429 Well Known Member Member

    is she active??
  13. YoungClayB Member Member

    Yep. Pretty active. And pooping a LOT. She had another 3/4 inch long piece of poop right after the one that I took the picture of above. The most recent poop looked more "normal" as it didn't have the spider web looking stuff on the end of it.
  14. Donnerjay Well Known Member Member

    What's strange to me is the color change!! In the first photos, she's a bright yellow with a definite separate orange tail section. In the next photos, it's like she's a honey orange color all over the body. Even allowing for differences in cameras, lighting, etc., that's a dramatic change.

    Um, don't take this the wrong way (please!), but, uhm, are you sure that's the same fish? :eek: LOL, don't hate me for saying that, please, I don't mean to come across as insulting your intelligence or anything!! It's just, wow, the difference in color is so dramatic I can't think of any other explanation. :;dk

    (I LOVE her color by the way! I'm trying to find that color combination locally and can't find one. Where did you get her??)
  15. YoungClayB Member Member

    It's definitely the same fish. I only have 2 Platys and the other one has a little black dot on his tail. My primary tank has LED lighting and the 10g "birth tank" has incandescent lighting.

    I'm not worried too much anymore btw. I found some threads with pictures of what Platys look like just before they deliver and there is no question that my Platy is having babies!!!
  16. apple429 Well Known Member Member

    Sweet!! Have fun.... do you have food for the fry?
  17. YoungClayB Member Member

    I was planning to just crush up some protein based flake food. You think that will be ok?
  18. apple429 Well Known Member Member

    Yup!! I was a weeny and just bopught "hikari first bites" lol. it is pre crushed and super small!! So my big fish don't see them and steal them from my fry!
  19. YoungClayB Member Member

    Out of curiosity, what did you do with your fry as they got bigger. I mean the idea of baby fish is cool and all but I don't have the room or desire to house 20 new Platys. I only bought 2 females for a reason - I didn't want the hassle of baby fish. The fact that one of my females was pregnant when I bought her is fine and I am sure I will want to keep some of the fish but what to do with the rest?!!? I definitely don't want to keep males or this will be an ongoing thing. Personally, I would be done with letting nature take care of itself and have the other fish eat the fry but my wife will have none of that. Lol.
  20. apple429 Well Known Member Member

    I sell them to my LFS in exchange for filters, fish, food, etc... that's why I try to save as much fry as possible... FISH STUFF IS EXPENSIVE!!! and discounts help ALOT!!!

    Check out my blog (click the link) and click the "swordtail breeding thread" I have about 30+ fry as of now!