Is My Oranda Goldfish Fry Fat?

  1. Fishaholic58

    Fishaholic58 Valued Member Member

    I’ve noticed that this oranda gets more food than the bigger ones as it is faster and younger. Would you consider her overweight, and should I monitor the amount of food she is getting more closely? I have attached a pic. Thank you. (She always begs for food and swims around frantically when I enter the room... sorry for the bad picture)

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  2. Makenna L

    Makenna L New Member Member

    If you google a photo of the oranda goldfish, she looks normal. If you notice that she is being a food hog tho, maybe use a net to isolate her during feeding to make sure others are getting enough, and regulate her intake.

    It is very cute that she gets excited when you enter the room! My fish do this to me, and only me. Not my husband. She recognizes you!
  3. OP

    Fishaholic58 Valued Member Member

    Lol thank you! I isolated her while I fed the big one earlier that day. Thanks for your reply. :)