Is My New Tank Overstocked?

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    I just started a 10 gallon tank and this is my first time.. I cycled it properly. I now have 6 danios and 2 african dwarf frogs. I added 3 neon tetras yesterday and they all died overnight. I had my water tested yesterday as well and everything looked fine. My question is...was I overstocking my tank by putting the neon tetras in there? Is that why they died? or could there be another reason? I don't want to put anything else in my tank if I am overstocking it, so I really need to know the answer to this question. I don't want to kill anymore fish! It makes me too sad! Please help!!
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    What are the exact parameters of your water? No, you weren't overstocked. Neon tetras should be kept in a group in 6 or more. 5 is the bare minimum but they might get stressed. They probably died from either a disease or stressed out by only 3 neons. Did they look faded or spindly shaped? Did you quarantine the fish or get them all at once? I You shouldn't add neons until your tank has been 6 months to a year cycled. They are very finicky, so they need pristine water quality, and a planted aquarium. I recommend putting the danios in a 20 gallon long, and adding a school of Harlequin Rasboras to your 10 gallon. Start at 5, and build up from there. A school of 6-8 would be awesome. They are very hardy, and a good fish to start out with a new tank. They also are great for planted aquariums. Make sure you have an airstone to oxygenate the water!
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    You have stocking issues. The two frogs will do great in a ten gallon. Active swimmers like danios, not so much. They are better suited to a 20 gallon or larger. Neon tetras, often end up on 10 gallon lists due to their size, but they are also best suited to 20 gallon or larger tanks.

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    I always check my stock situation on Very easy and informative. I suggest you'll give it a try.
    Keeps us posted, and by the way welcome!
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    What do you mean by paramiters? Like, the demensions of my tank?
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    I did not know this about the danios. They were recommended by the lady at the pet store for my tank. I guess this goes to show you need to do your own research before trusting someone at a pet store. I also had a lady tell me I could put barbs with my danios, but I knew better than that!

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    No, the test results. Ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, pH, temperature :)

    AquaAdvisor is handy but not very accurate. Take its advice with a grain of salt.
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    No, I do not. I had the water tested at the pet store and they told me nothing other than, "your water is fine." As I said, I am new at this and will take as much advise as possible. Should I invest in my own testing kit? How much do these cost, what are the best ones, and where do I get them?

    The lady at the pet store said I did not need a bubbler or anything. Was this false? Is that what an airstone is? My aquarium is heavily planted.
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    Never believe them! This is the person who advised you to put barbs in your tank remember ;)

    A lot of us here use and recommend the Master Test Kit by API.

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    I am not sure. As I responded to someone else, the lady at the pet store just said, "your water looks fine". Should I invest in a testing kit? Where do I get them and what are the best options? I live in a small town with one tiny pet store so my reach is limited, but I am willing to drive 45 minutes to the next town if need be. Thanks!

    Thank you, I will look into this right away!
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    They cost around 30$ but it's worth it.
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    Thank you all for your help! I can use as much help as possible being a newbie. These posts are all leading me in the right direction!

    Thanks. I am looking into it now!
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    It depends on what the fish were doing before they died. Were they gasping for air, was there like a white lining on their fins, were they sitting at the bottom of the tank. It's unknown what killed the fish unless you know what your looking for. Some people use air stones (bubblers) like myself and others don't use it cause their set up creates more agitation to the water surface.

    Since you don't have the numbers for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates as well as Ph it's hard to figure out what killed the fish.

    Most of our tanks have started this way, so your not alone when it comes to overstocking, not knowing the water numbers and so on.
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    Airstones are a type of bubbler. Bubblers are a method of getting more circulation into a tank. (They also form a part of decorations like undersea volcanos, and treasure chests that open and close.) Some fish, (like those danios) really like active water. Other fish, like most bettas, do not. It depends on the sort of water they inhabit in nature.

    If you have a filter with an overhead spill or spraybar then bubblers are optional.

    The lady at the pet store probably recommended danios because they are tough fish and more forgiving of new tanks and less confident owners. But they do have preference, just as all fish do.

    Did the lady at the pet store tell you your frogs need special foods and target feeding? Not just pellets, but frozen bloodworms and other meaty foods like brine and mysis shrimp. We have an amphibian forum under Other Pets. You should check it out for more tips.

    In the meantime :

    Care Sheet For African Dwarf Frogs
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    By the way congratulations on your wedding!
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    Thank you so very much. They told me just to feed the dwarf frogs fish flakes, but I bought some special pellets for them. Thank you for letting me know they need other sources of nutrition. I will look into this and look at the amphibian forum.

    I do have one more question for you. Whe do you get the frozen bloodworms or brine shrimp? Do pet stores generally carry these? The pet store in my town is very small so I may have to make a drive to get them, but I don't know if pet stores generally carry these. Thanks!
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    Get them a little dish. I use a condiments saucer I bought at World Market. Drop their bloodworms or other food on the dish and the frogs will learn to start their search for dinner there. They are very short sighted. Some people use tongs and hand feed them. That's the other reasons frogs should be kept on their own. It's very easy for tank mates to out compete them for food.

    Nearly all pet stores have a freezer case. If they don't, online is your next best bet. Unless you want to culture your own food.
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    I let them sit in the bag in the tank for about 30 minutes, then realeased them.

    Thank you very much!!:)

    Thanks for the tips!!