Is My New African Dwarf Frog Sick?

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    Earlier Today, I decided to add more fish to my 10 gallon tank, and as I was browsing, I noticed the group of frogs that Petsmart was selling and I decided to get one as well. However, Mistake on my part, I dont think I analyzed him properly because when I brought him home and put him into my tank he seemed to swim funny. Mind you I am so new to owning fish I thought maybe thats just how frogs swim. A little later I was looking at him from above and I noticed that his back leg was covered in a slightly off-color green than the rest of his body, and the associated foot was missing the web inbetween his toes. I am so worried and Im not sure what to do. I do want to see if there is anything I can do to help him. I know that petsmart and petco are known for selling sick animals... I currently have him quarantined in a separate bowl. He seems fine, when I took him out to get a closer look at his leg (to make sure it wasnt fungus, which I dont think it is) he was hopping around fine, and he also occasionally swims to the top to take in air. He hasnt eaten anything yet, but I think that is because of the stress of having moved twice, plus being handled. Is there anything I can do? Is he sick or does he just have a nutrient deficiency? Is it safe to even have him in the tank? I had him in there for maybe 2 hours max before I took him out. Do I need to clean the tank water out? Please answer! thank you!! and im so sorry this is so long
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    Hi aaron0mae welcome to FishLore!

    Can you post a picture of the frog?

    What size is the tank? Any other tank mates? If so what kind and how many?
    What are the readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?