Is My Nerite Snail Dying?

  1. BlissfulBetta Well Known Member Member

    I did a water change last Sunday or Monday on my 10 gallon betta tank. I was in a hurry so I didn't pour the new water into my tank slowly (bad decision) I knew this would stress my betta, so I decided to put him in a large plastic cup for a minute until the new water was in. But the thing is, I totally forgot I also have 2 Nerites in the tank. The poor things got pelted with water and I stopped immediately as soon as I saw them to check they were okay. The larger of the two had been knocked off the glass, but the smaller one was okay and moving across the glass as usual. I put my hand in the tank and picked up the larger snail to make sure he was okay. He was curled up in his shell. I set him down right side up on top of the sand at the bottom near the glass. I went back and checked on him 10 minutes later. I could see that he hadn't come out of his shell and had not moved at all. I let him be. Several hours later I checked and he still hadn't moved. The next day he had moved a bit, so I was feeling relived. He has barely moved since then. The next day I figured maybe he wasnt getting enough food, so I soaked an algae water in tank water for about 15-30 minutes and set it near him. He did not eat it, although he never had taken to algae wafers in the past either. I found him on the glass several days ago and figured he was recovering, even though he wasnt scraping the glass with his teeth for algae like he always would be constantly doing. Two days ago I saw him upside down on the substrate, but he was not curled up in his shell, he was hanging out a bit. I turned him right side up, and then he curled up in his shell. He has not moved from that spot in two days. Is he dying due to shock from when the rushing water hit him? I hope he gets better. I feel terrible. Is there anything I can do?
    Thank you!
    Edit: I am also purchasing a python water changer so this doesn't happen again.
  2. Fish-whisper Member Member

    I think your snails will be fine. I've had my large nerite snails climb out of the tank, down the outside, across the carpet floor, up on the window sill and sit there for weeks before they made their way back into the tank. I also had them go from one tank to another.

    If you worry about them pull them out and sniff them, one whiff and you'll know if they are dead or alive.

  3. BlissfulBetta Well Known Member Member

    Thank you so much for your help! I sniffed him yesterday to see if he was dead, and he be smelled fine. I hope he recovers soon!
  4. BlissfulBetta Well Known Member Member

    I sniffed my snail agin today and he smells bad. I don't want to bury him if he isn't dead. Is there any other ways to tell? He still hasn't moved.

  5. lmo Member Member

    Sorry but if there is a really strong smell I think he is - I've read that the smell is extremely strong although I've never experienced it myself (any snails that have died in my tank are quickly eaten). The behaviour he was showing that you mentioned in the first post sounds similar to my nerite before he died. When you pick him up does his foot hang out of the shell slighly or is it retracted? Until you're sure, I would put the snail in a separate container of aquarium water in case he is dead so he doesn't pollute the water.
  6. Fashooga Well Known Member Member

    Is the trap door loose?
  7. BlissfulBetta Well Known Member Member

    Sorry, is that part of the snail?

  8. BlissfulBetta Well Known Member Member

    Thank for your help! He didn't hang out of the shell, but I tried touching him inside the she he went in a bit with each touch, but I can't tell weather that is him moving or me just pushing him in accidentally. He defiently smelled bad, but not horribly so. It was definetly a bad smell, but not horribly potent. But before last week i smelled him to see if he was dead, and i just remmeber him smelling like the tank water, then again, I dont know if I got my nose close enough to him that time. I put him a a quart sized container with tank water. I don't have a filter or heater in this little cup. Should I? I also didn't cover it because he hasn't moved (like he has not even turned as far as I can tell) in AT LEAST four days. Should I change the water daily?
  9. lmo Member Member

    I found this article that might help - http://www. /is-your-snail-dead-or-alive-11447.html - it gives 4 steps you can try to see if he's alive and what to do if you're not sure. I'm sorry its not very nice but looking at the article one thing you could try is picking him up and shaking him gently to see if his foot falls out - if he is alive he should be able to hold his foot in and you might know then if he was retracting because he was alive or if you pushed his foot in accidently when you did the test before. While he's in the container definitely keep doing partial water changes - maybe 50% twice a day depending on the size of the container. Is the smell getting worse - I think it would be if he is dead? Do you have any ramshorn snails or ones that will eat detritus - again I'm sorry its not a nice way of finding out but when I thought my nerite had died I put it in a separate tank with other snails in and found out that way because they got rid of him - I also wouldn't like to think I've got it wrong and bury a snail when its alive. But unfortunately it does sound like he's gone.
  10. Fanatic Well Known Member Member

    I've had tons of snails, but never nerites.
    My Incas smelt awful when they were dead, like. It's a smell of an old octopus wrapped into gym socks, sprayed down with sulphuric stench!

    It makes my hair stand up, lol.

  11. Fashooga Well Known Member Member

    It's the part when the snail folds up and seals itself in the shell. It's the part that looks like a thumbnail at the very bottom. if it's loose it might be a sign that the snail isn't doing well.