Is My Neon Tetra Ready To Lay Eggs?

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    hi so I have had four neon tetras for the past three months and I believe one is a male and the rest are females. I am aware that neon tetras are schooling fish and I am planning on moving them to a bigger tank and add more. Well, I was doing my daily check of my fish and I noticed one of my tetras looked fat while the rest of the tetras looked fine. I looked on top of her to check for signs of scales sticking out which fortunately were none and now I am thinking that she has eggs. Is she pregnant and how far along do you think she is? The readings of my tank are normal with almost zero ammonia and almost zero nitrites with some nitrates. And if she is pregnant how do I properly hatch and raise them? I currently have the four tetras, three corydoras (I know there is not enough but it's a ten gallon and I didn't want to over stock it and I am moving them to my twenty gallon long once it cycles),one ghost shrimp, and some baby Dalmatian mollies that will stay in the ten gallon until they are big enough to not get eaten and transferred to the twenty gallon long.

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    Gravid is the prefer word. And they stay gravid or just Re absorb eggs. Neons are eggs scatterers but that doesn't mean they dump and waste eggs if they don't feel comfortable laying them in the wrong situation. That being said neons are not easily bred in random/fluke scenarios. Not impossible, just unlikely.
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    As much as I would love baby neon tetras, I'm glad that she is most likey not gravid seeing as any new additions would likely cause me to have to go and buy an even bigger tank. This question still remains, is she bloated, having a bad reaction to some of my fish flakes, or is it something worse? I hope if she is not gravid that the solution is just some high quality fish flakes.