Is my Molly pregnant?


Hi fishlore! After countless reference to the site, I’ve finally created an account for myself. The aquarium hobby has quickly consumed me lol. My question is : is my Lyretail Molly pregnant? She’s been in my tank since May 3rd. I think I read somewhere that Mollies can withhold birthing if parameters aren’t to their liking? Well checking her out tonight after a water change she sure does look extra bloated! No gravid spot as far as I can tell. Activity and eating is great, she has been chasing around black skirt tetras occasionally, which started maybe a week and a half after her introduction to my tank. Wondering if this is her being a little aggressive because she’s pregnant? “Before” pic is the best I could pull from an older video. The one where her reflection at surface can be seen. “After” was from a few minutes ago. Leaving for a 4 day trip in 4 days, IF she is pregnant will she birth while I’m away? I’ll attach a pic of what my setup is so y’all can check out the decor in terms of hiding out. All there is in my 37G is my Molly, 6 black skirt tetras, a small pleco and 3 african dwarf frogs. I know pretty much all fish will eat what the can get in their mouths, but will the hypothetical babies be okay hiding out in whats available? Perhaps I’m ahead of myself. Thanks in advance!


She looks to be pregnant. Mollies can hold sperm packets for up to 10 months and can have multiple pregnancies from one mating
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Agree she definitely preggers and she has started to box off so she is due soon.

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