Is My Molly Pregnant

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by jamie2201, Apr 8, 2017.

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    Yes, she is pregnant. You have kept her in the breeder box. I wouldn't put her in a breeder box. This can cause two things, one for her to stress out and hold the fry, or for her to stress out and miscarry. If your tank is planted and had enough hiding spots then there is a chance for the survival of the fries. You can also scoop out the fry after birth.
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    I put her in the breeder box for about 20mins while I did a water change in her tank she is in a planted 40L now she was in a community tank with some angels who look like they are starting to breed she was being severely picked on so she's in her own tank now how long do you think it will be before I could have fry?
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    Yes, she is pregnant.She's getting big!! Wow, what a lot of babies!! :) Please send pictures when they're born!!! :)
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    I'd say a week or less before she gives birth! If you let her give birth in the main tank, chances are that many won't survive as the angles and all the other fish might pick them as they are dropped. But some still may survive! Or you can just scoop them out as she has them like said above!!
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    I will I'm very excited especially considering that I was supposed to get all females lol I will have to learn the difference lol can't wait to see the colours as she's the only Dalmatian I have

    She's in her 40L tank and she seems to be enjoying it lots of plants and places to hide just out of curiosity how many babies do the generally have and do they eat their babies and any other advice would be great

    The pictures don't do any justice she is massive in real life I'm waiting for her to explode
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    Mollies can have many many fry from just 15 fry to 100 fry. I have a large female that usually only has 15 fry but they are huge when born!! I also had a female that would have 80 fry but they were tiny! So it just depends on that fish. I guess you'll have to wait and see!! IME most females will go after any fry they see. That's why it's a good reason to separate the fry into another tank as soon as they are born!!
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    Is the female ok to be put straight back into the community tank after she has them?
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    Well I usually put my females right back into the community tank because my male doesn't terrorize them. Is she going into a breeding box or a separate tank to give birth??
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    No last time I put a pregnant fish in a breeder box to have her babies she died after 5 babies were born she's in a 40l tank until she has the babies then she will go back into the 4ft community tank
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    Ok I'm glad she's going into her own tank to give birth!! Make sure there's lots of cover for the fry. If there is enough cover you can leave her in there to recover! But if you feel like she is going to eat the fry then you should move her back!
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    She should be ok in the big tank there is plants and plenty of cover I just had a guppy give birth and she seem to be doing ok being back in their ( I'm running out of tanks with all these baby's)
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    Yeah these fish populate very fast! Do you know what you're gonna do with all the fry?
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    I'll keep them for a few months and depending on how many there are under 15-20 we will keep them anything over that I'll give away ( my last lot of baby guppies turned out 160 babies between two females within a couple of hours and we only lost one ) so I'm hoping it's not that drastic
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    Wow that is a lot of fry!! I usually do the same. I choose which ones I like and then give the rest away.

    My female swordtail gave birth to 120 fry a month ago which is crazy!!
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  16. jamie2201Valued MemberMember

    Yeah my daughter like to pick the ones we keep lol but she can't have many this time witch I think will be an issue as I got babies from to specially pick out (really super pretty) guppys and I've got 13 fry from them witch are just under a week old

    Wow that's crazy!
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  17. Balkaran0006Valued MemberMember

    How many tank do you have and what other fish do you have??
  18. jamie2201Valued MemberMember

    I've got three going at the moment all I can handle at the minute

    A 250L 4ft with 4x angels, 7x albino corys, 3x peppermint bristlenose, 1x 10cm black ghost knife (yes he will be moved to a bigger tank when I move house my real estate won't allow me to have a bigger tank ) 9x guppys, 4 mollies, 2x SAE and 3x white cloud minnows (accidentally give by the pet shop instead of SAE's

    I've got a 10L tank with the 13 guppy fry

    And my pregnant molly in the 40L
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    Wow, I also have 3 tanks with the biggest being 250L! Although I don't have the space I want more tanks. But I'm sure every fish keeper wants that!!
  20. jamie2201Valued MemberMember

    Lol yeah it's taken every ounce of self restraint to not go and get another tank but when I buy my own home I plan on getting a 3foot for my girls to put their mollys and guppys in and I'm going to get some cichlids