Is my little dude okay?


This guy has been hanging out in the same spot more or less for the last 24 hours. He's a horned nerite. I've got another one as well as a zebra and tiger.. I got all 4 of them together. They arrived on Friday. The other 3 have been super active from the moment I put them in, they're loving the algae tabs... this little one was a slow start. Took several hours before he even dropped his foot. He scooted around a little but hes just been here all day. Is this normal? Do I need to put him in a different tank? I know they're voracious algae eaters, which is why I got the tabs, but he hasn't shown an interest in them. I'm really hoping he's just taking a snooze.
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id keep an eye on him but just give him sometime to get used to the tank

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