Is my lighting enough for Dwarf Hairgrass

  1. Agnatorix Initiate Member

    I just bought a Current Satellite Freshwater LED + measuring 24"-36" for my 35 gallon tank. I was told LED lighting has a different wattage system from T8s so it is 18 watts, opposed to the 36 watt T8s I had previously. And I was told that plants should do fine, and I'm pretty confident that the larger and medium plants I bought will be fine, but I have Dwarf Hairgrass and I want it to carpet, will this lighting be sufficient? I inserted some root tabs and I supply the water weekly with liquid fertilizer. My substrate is black sand
  2. happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    How deep is the tank? On Current's website, they have PAR ratings for different tank depths. I'm thinking that you probably want at minimum 60 PAR if you want the hair grass to start carpeting, but a true carpet requires more light and CO2 injections.

  3. Agnatorix Initiate Member

    The tank is a bit under 2 feet at 22 inches
  4. Agnatorix Initiate Member

    So I take it it is not enough?

  5. happygolucky Well Known Member Member

    I doubt it, sorry :( . If you bought another one and added CO2, it might work out.
  6. Agnatorix Initiate Member

    Well shucks I might experiment with the old lighting (two 18 watt 6500 K super daylight bulbs) and the new LED and see how that works out, but it would have to be a really funky set up. On the other hand the light does fit on my 14 gallon and I read about some success with carpeting in such tanks but for sure I would need CO2 so if worse come to worse I'll experiment with that. But thank you for your time!