Is My Koi Suffering From Parasite Disease?

  1. thejrav

    thejrav New Member Member

    Today I saw my koi rubbing its body against the pond wall a couple of times. I'm a bit paranoid that it might have started to get infected by parasites. The koi is new to the pond and he's the only koi therefore its skittish and rarely comes out of hiding. it makes me suspect whether has he been scratching itself even earlier without me noticing.

    Should I start the salt treatment just to be on the safe side ?
    if so how much salt per liter should I add?
    How often should I add salt and for how long should I continue adding salt ?

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Rainbows and Fishes

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  3. Rtessy

    Rtessy Well Known Member Member

    It may be helpful to check out costia, it's a common koi parasite
  4. OP

    thejrav New Member Member

    thanks a lot, I didn't see any parasites on him but I assume that it has ich. I didn't go for any anti parasite chemical but I started to treat the pond with aquarium salt. hopefully it'll make him recover. thanks again :)

    thanks a lot :)