Is my HOB filters hum/vibration going to bother fish?

  1. DioBrando Initiate Member

    My 20g is finally cycled but before I'm ready to buy any fish I noticed a humming sound today coming from my tank, I may have just not noticed it before or it may be new, but when i touch my hand to the tank its vibrating, and putting my ear up to the tank its very loud and clearly the cause is my hob filter, I was wondering if all that vibration or noise from the filter is going to bother my fish, or if they're going to get used to it and not care.
  2. jhigg008 Well Known Member Member

    Mine does that too sometimes. It is super annoying but I doubt the fish will care. What kind of HOB is it?

  3. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Cheaper HOB filters are quite common. Turn it off, take it out of water, check where the motor moves the water to see if theres any algae/detritus/gunk on it. May be slipping. Make sure to put back into water so you dont kill bacteria. Our last 10g filter was noisy, this helped, but alas... New filter..,

    If you get a new one, KEEP your filter pad!