Is My Guppy Fry Ok?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jessica J, May 25, 2018.

  1. Jessica JValued MemberMember

    So we notice 2 or 3 day ago that one of our femle guppy fry had a triangle shape body almost like a lump on its left side, she has been acting fine and no issues with the other guppy fry in the tank. Is she ok or should we be concerned about her? 20180525_121120.jpg20180525_121211.jpg20180525_121217.jpg

  2. cody2poshValued MemberMember

    So good news/bad news - bad news is that's definitely a tumor/cancer or some sort of cyst. Good news is that it's not IMMEDIATELY harming your fish. While it will definitely experience a shorter life, there's no reason that life cant be happy :)

    But yeah it looks pretty serious, but as long as the fish is behaving normally and can give itself a decent quality of life I see no reason to euthanize. Let us know how she does!

  3. Jessica JValued MemberMember

    We will definitely keep her until she is gone. I'm glad it doesn't seem to bother her. She eats and swims fine. That one is our first guppy fry and the biggest. She will be in my future posts

  4. cody2poshValued MemberMember

    If she was the first fry it could have been from the young fish, weird water parameters, a parasite, light issues, or it could just be a random genetic mutation that there's no way you could have prevented. Either way it's happened and unless it happens more going forward I wouldn't worry. I breed guppies and I've NEVER seen something like this so it's again probably genetic and probably super rare.

    You're a good person for continuing to care for her - good luck in your guppy breeding adventures! It's super rewarding and I'm sure you'll love watching the fry grow as much as I do :)
  5. cody2poshValued MemberMember

    Hey FYI I started a member journal here over my guppy breeding tank, if you want I have tons of pics and videos of fry doing fry stuff, I'll upload vids at least every other day so people can see what the growth rate is like, when certain colors will set in as they mature, what pregnant females look/behave like, etc

    10g Guppy/rcs Breeding Adventure

    If you like it please follow the thread to stay updated with all the baby guppy info and videos!
  6. Jessica JValued MemberMember

    Will do love to watch vids and learn stuff i didnt know about fish.
  7. Jessica JValued MemberMember

    Update on daisy the guppy fry. The lump has seemed to disappear since the last post!!! she is swimming and eating fine and starting to show some yellow and black speckle on her tail. So we named her Daisy! 20180526_200716.jpg20180526_200807.jpg20180526_200651.jpg
  8. cody2poshValued MemberMember

    Wait, so that massive tumor just disappeared literally overnight?? How long had it been developing for?
  9. Jessica JValued MemberMember

    About 4 days ago we notice it was a little lump and the next day I took the pics and started the thread. When i got off work tonight I went to the pet shop to get a few ghost shrimp for the ones I lost last week. When we added the shrimp to the 10g tank we notice daisy's lump was gone! Completely not even a trace. Would have never know she had a lump to begin with. Sorry the pics are bad hard to take pics of fish in a tank lol
  10. cody2poshValued MemberMember

    No you're fine I just had assumed it had been a slow growing developmental thing, not an acute occurrence. I wonder what it could have been? Parasite? Or maybe some sort of cyst that grew quickly and burst, somehow she avoided septicemia?? Medical mystery but I'm glad she's ok :)
  11. Jessica JValued MemberMember

    Daisy the guppy fry is still doing good. We have now seen 4 new guppy fry in our 10g. One is a dark black or blue it may change as it gets bigger for its only a couple days old. Can't get a good pic of the dark one yet. But i did get a kinda decent pic of our preggo ghost shrimp!! 20180527_125802.jpg20180527_083333.jpg20180526_203109.jpg
  12. cody2poshValued MemberMember

    Just a heads up w the ghost shrimp, their young are larvae (unlike cherries which hatch as miniature versions of the adults) and if they aren't eaten by fish will be eaten by the shrimp themselves. Even people who breed them find it hard to keep the fry alive, and even still you have to pull EVERYTHING else out.

    You're essentially raising extra delicious brine shrimp for the first few weeks. Anything that can grab them or fit them in it's mouth WILL eat them.

    Just a heads up :)
  13. Jessica JValued MemberMember

    Sadly we researched how to care for the shrimp babies and its not something we are notready for yet lol. Just gonna let nature take its course.Didnt know she was preggo until i got her home and was floating the bag. The LPS never have any for weeks at a time so when i seen one i was like Ill take all of em. Got 3 in our 10g 2 female and a male. 3 in our 20g 2 female and a male. Last males we had died quick guess cause the are so small not sure. But our female we had for a month now chases the preggo one and pulles her tail. Not sure if its cause she preggo or a territory thing.
  14. cody2poshValued MemberMember

    Nah shrimp are just goofy like that

    Honestly I'd stick them all into the 10g, shrimp like a lot of company and they like being together. Also just personal taste but I feel like just 3 in a 20g would be virtually invisible as well

    Glad to hear Rosey is doing well though, I forgot to say that originally and that's the whole point of the thread! How old is she btw?
  15. Jessica JValued MemberMember

    Shes about a month now. She is the biggest fry we have right not too.
  16. cody2poshValued MemberMember

    She's either starting to get color then or will really soon! I have like 2 quick little 2 minute videos up going thru my tank with all the fry if you're interested. There's fry all the way from a few days old up to 6 weeks all swimming around with each other. One even shows how big of powdered fish flakes those few day old fish can eat, and before that they're on the yolk. Really they're no different to care for than fully grown guppies with the exception of pinching the last half of every meals worth and really finely grinding it as you drop it in.

    But yeah I'm ranting haha the videos are here

    Hope you enjoy :)
  17. Jessica JValued MemberMember

    Lol thx, love ur vids, trying to get another tank now( waiting on a reply for a 25g with everything but fish). Gonna make the 10g our fry home.
  18. Jessica JValued MemberMember

    So Daisy is still doing good and so are her sisters. We had another female guppy drop recently and now have like 20 to 30 more guppy fry!! Lol we also got our mystery snails! We order 4 and got 5 they sent us a golden for free and we ordered a purple,blue,white, chesnut, and 2 red ramhorn and they sent 3 ramhorns. We will definitely buy from them again, very satisfied 20180603_162836.jpg20180603_162751.jpg20180603_162621.jpg20180602_192245.jpg20180602_082407.jpg

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