Is My Guppy Fish Dying?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Somthingfishy01, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Somthingfishy01New MemberMember

    Tank parameters are normal, could it be that she's sleeping or is she dying? Please help
  2. NotYourAverageJoeNew MemberMember

    Normal as in??? What are they? And do you see any small white spots on or around eyes or fins? Is the guppy new to the tank or have others been introduced?
  3. GuppyDazzleWell Known MemberMember

    She's in pretty bad shape. Any time a fish doesn't remain upright, it's in bad shape. What are your actual water readings?
  4. Somthingfishy01New MemberMember

    yes this guppy is new to the tank, there are no white spots as far as I can tell
  5. NotYourAverageJoeNew MemberMember

    Again, actual readings would help tremendously. Do you have a test kit? And the water looks cloudy... Is it hazy or is that a bad video, no offense...?

    I'd jump to say its suffocating or stressed due to temp, ph, and or ammonia. I see the other fish in the video. How new is this tank? Did it fully cycle? Did you use prime or ammo lock yet?

    Water change with known good water. Ammonia control
    Good areation--air stone and or bubblers
    Get accurate test numbers to continue treatment

    My first immediate recommendations
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  6. Somthingfishy01New MemberMember

    Hi, I took a fresh test today. Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are at 0ppm (I have good filtration and a small bioload). The high range ph is around 8.4 to 8.8...maybe the ph is a bit too high? Anyway I think I've been overfeeding the fish, maybe that could be it. The fish seemed to be doing a bit better now
  7. NotYourAverageJoeNew MemberMember

    With all zero readings, I will again assume this is a very new tank? Nitrates should probably be eventually detectable after the bacteria start to stabilize. 40ppm or less in freshwater... And eventually that will decrease on its own as long as you do regular WC as well. I'm glad to hear things seem better for your guppy! Keep testing and stay vigilant, friend!!