Is my gourami pregnant??

  1. omezquita Initiate Member

    Hi Everyone!

    This is my first post. I bought a couple of gouramis to cycle my tank and everything seems to be running smoothly but I think one of them is pregnant... See image below:


    If is pregnant what should I do??

    Thanks for your help,
  2. Paintcraze Member Member

    Gouramis don't "get pregnant", they are egglayers.

  3. xNick Member Member

    Perhaps you could hold off feeding for a couple of days?
  4. omezquita Initiate Member

    Ok, thanks for your comments.

    xNick, why do you recommend me to hold off feeding?

  5. fighter55 Member Member

    Just in case of fish "obesity" caused by overfeeding
  6. mosaicguppy Well Known Member Member

    Looks normal to me, it's what gouramis look like. Sometimes you can get one a little more rounder than others if they're fed really well, they usually keep eating even when they're full.