Is my gourami pregnant??

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    omezquita New Member Member

    Hi Everyone!

    This is my first post. I bought a couple of gouramis to cycle my tank and everything seems to be running smoothly but I think one of them is pregnant... See image below:


    If is pregnant what should I do??

    Thanks for your help,
  2. P

    Paintcraze Valued Member Member

    Gouramis don't "get pregnant", they are egglayers.
  3. x

    xNick Valued Member Member

    Perhaps you could hold off feeding for a couple of days?
  4. OP

    omezquita New Member Member

    Ok, thanks for your comments.

    xNick, why do you recommend me to hold off feeding?
  5. f

    fighter55 Valued Member Member

    Just in case of fish "obesity" caused by overfeeding
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    mosaicguppy Well Known Member Member

    Looks normal to me, it's what gouramis look like. Sometimes you can get one a little more rounder than others if they're fed really well, they usually keep eating even when they're full.