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Is my goldfish sick? Or are these eggs/ turbuncles?

  1. M

    Moonlight New Member Member


    We have a Goldfish in our pond that seems to have these little bunches of egg shaped bumps on it's pectoral fins. Is the fish sick? Another thing I thought is maybe they are eggs?
    We also noticed some flicked off when taking these pictures.

    Here's a link to some pictures:
  2. OP

    Moonlight New Member Member

    Also it's on outdoor pond on the northwest side of the states,
    Approximate measurements are:

    3.5 feet deep

    18-20 feet long

    8-9 feet wide

    Stream/ waterfall for circulation/ re-circulation

    drain for overflow

    Goldfish measurements:

    9-10 in. from tip of nose to tip of tail
  3. slayer5590

    slayer5590 Well Known Member Member

    Your link doesn't work.