Is my fry growing at a normal rate? Question

  1. fishlover25 Member Member

    I picked up a Ballon molly fry from my lfs sometime in May. By now the fry is at least 3 months old. Is this a good size for it's age? [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Its hard to judge from a picture. To gauge the size, a grain of rice ( average ) is about 5mm long. So based on that, you big would you say?

    What are you feeding your fry? Is it active?

  3. fishlover25 Member Member

  4. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Every fry grows at a different rate but it sounds like you are feeding with fry food, etc. :)
    As long as you see some growth, I wouldn't be too concerned.

  5. fishlover25 Member Member

    Thanks. Is two grains long a "normal" growth though?
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  7. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    Sorry, I thought I answered your question. That's a very tough question because EVERY fry grows at a different rate. Do you notice any growth at all since its been born? Is it eating okay?

    Maybe someone else will have more of a definitive answer. Good luck

  8. fishlover25 Member Member

    I know it varies but there is a general normal of growth rate, kind of like a human baby should be a certain length to be "normal". I just want to know if I'm on the right track but yes It has grown