Is My Freshwater Guppy Pregnant? ETA? - Video Attached

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by GiveIt2MeNerdy, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. GiveIt2MeNerdy

    GiveIt2MeNerdyNew MemberMember

    Hey everyone!

    I just got a few freshwater guppies from my LFS yesterday and one of my females appears to be pregnant. What do you think??

    Any ideas as to when I might see some Guppy fry popping out?

    Thanks for looking!!

  2. pesjss

    pesjssNew MemberMember

    Im not pro or anything (just had my first guppy fry today :) ) but I would say shes pregnant and guess about 2 weeks till fry. Her belly will look really square and her "opening" will start to look like a point. Thats what I watched for in my female, thanks to the help of everyone here on Fishlore. Best of luck!
  3. Cichlidnut

    CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    If it's a guppy and female, it's pregnant :D

    Yes, your female is gravid. See the dark spot near the base of her stomach? That's where the eggs are.
  4. AlanGreene

    AlanGreeneWell Known MemberMember

    Nice video and nice tank! The mother to be in glowing xD
  5. tunastrack

    tunastrackWell Known MemberMember

    WOW I have never seen such a colorful female! And Im going to say she has at least 2 more weeks left. Her gravid spot is still kinda small and has not spread closer to her anal vent yet. This usually happens in the last 2 weeks. Good luck!!
  6. M0T0

    M0T0Valued MemberMember

    I agree she still looks two weeks out, maybe two and half weeks out,
    Good luck with fry, what kind of hiding do you have for them or are you gonna put her in breeder net? do you have fry food for them?
    I use hikari first bites for the first 4-5 days then switch to finely crushed flake food.
  7. OP

    GiveIt2MeNerdyNew MemberMember

    Thanks for all your help guys!!

    I was thinking it would be a good week or two, but I wasn't completely sure. I can see a bunch of tiny black dots in her gravid spot (I really couldn't get a good shot of it in the video), but I'm not sure that's where I need to be looking. When people say you can sometimes see the fry's eyes, do they mean you can see the eyes in the gravid spot or in the silvery lining of her abdomen?

    As for the birthing-plan (hehe) I haven't decided if I'm going to place the mom in a breeder box yet. I might just let her have the fry in the tank and then fish out all the fry that I can and place them in the breeder so they don't turn into h'orderves ;)

    The tank she's in is a 55 gallon and there's only 3 and 1/2 (tiny fry snuck into the bag at the pet store) other guppies and 1 betta in tank, so the fry have a lot of room to hide. Plus, I am planting some fully grown Vallisneria grass in the tank later this week, so that should be more than enough hiding spots for the little guys.

    I'm pretty excited!!!
  8. Mrs.Price

    Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    Guppies have babies every 28 days :) She is indeed preggo! Mine is about to pop! Let us know when the arrive, and if you'd like to keep them, make sure you put a nylon stocking on your filter tube :)
  9. OP

    GiveIt2MeNerdyNew MemberMember

    Update Video!

    Okay guys, here's a update video:


    Any guess as to how far along she is?

    Thanks again!
  10. JessiNoel21

    JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    She looks like she can deliver any day now but they well hold if they feel stressed or conditions in the tank are not right.
  11. Cichlidnut

    CichlidnutFishlore VIPMember

    When her stomach starts to look square, you'll know she's very close. She looks happy. Nice tank!
  12. OP

    GiveIt2MeNerdyNew MemberMember

    Thanks! I'm a little worried about my lava rocks lowering my pH too much, but that's another topic :)

    She's definitely happy and eating like a pig! It makes it hard for me not to feed her more, but I know I shouldn't. An ammonia spike at this point may cause her to abort, which is not what I want - I need more fish in my tank lol (55 gallon w/3 guppies & a beta). I think the for sure tell sign for her will be when she refuses food. Anyone experience a pregnant guppy giving birth WITHOUT showing a loss of appetite?
  13. JessiNoel21

    JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    All my guppies ate up to birth and only one hid while giving birth. The rest just give birth while swimming ;). I have 12 fry that I can see right now in my tank but there maybe more hiding ;). I have 2 males and 6 females so we well see how many fry I end up with but than again it is survivial of the fittest in my tank. I learned my lesson when my first ever female give birth to 50 fry and I saved them and her second batch was the same so by the time my male died and she was done giving birth. I had over 100 guppies in a 10 gallon tank so that why I sold most and the rest went in my friends pond. I am taking some of the fry and using them as feeders for my Discus and Angels.
  14. OP

    GiveIt2MeNerdyNew MemberMember

    Photo Dec 23, 10 02 33 PM.jpg

    My kitty in her fishing boat cat bed waiting for the fry to arrive. She's probably thinking it's going to be a free-for-all fishing trip with all the new fish in the tank ;)

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  15. OP

    GiveIt2MeNerdyNew MemberMember

    Hey thanks! Wow, 100 guppies in a 10 gallon! I can't imagine what a nightmare that would be!

    I think with this batch I'm going to try and save the most I can and I might just put the mama in a breeder trap if I catch her in time, but I haven't decided. I don't want to put her in too soon and then make her abort. That's probably why I keep posting videos of her!

  16. grfresconero

    grfresconeroValued MemberMember

    Hi form Greece . What`s your temp.. if it`s below 28 celcius you will wait even longer. i got my guppys in 20 Cel.. so that she whan`t burst, controlled birth .Aussie