Is My Fish Tank Good Enough?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Santiago, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. SantiagoNew MemberMember

    Hello, I Have Had A Betta For About 4 Years As A Gift. At First I Had Him In A Little Fish Bowl With A Little Plant And Marble And Never Really Payed Attention To Him For 3 Years. Then I Began To Start Actually Caring For My Betta So I Bought It A 3.5 Gallon Tank Kit With A Filter, Betta Food, Water Conditioner, And It Also Came With Different Lights Colors, Pink, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Disco, And Dark blue. I Never Used The Disco Or Nonsense Colors Cause I Felt It Would Stress Out My Betta. On That Same Day I Got The New Fish Tank I Decided To Get Him A Companion So I Also Got A African dwarf Frog. I bought some plants that are supposed to be for glo fish but looked fine in my tank and a mini moss ball. They have been in this tank for about a year I feed them about 4 Tetra betta floating mini betta pellets per day I do water changes every week and every so often to water tests.I have a male betta and a male african dwarf frog. Normally I have the light in the tank white and when its around 10:10 I completley turn off the light. Any kits I can get that will make my tank better anything I should get or do? any changes I should make? I have 2 of the glofish plants and little moss ball and a little shark no fishing decoration. I think im kinda cramming up all the decorations in the tank but I don't know that much. I posted this in beginner because I haven't had much help so I am kinda lost like a beginner would be. Thank you for reading and please tell me what you think of my tank.
  2. Vickygude1510

    Vickygude1510Valued MemberMember

    Are you using a filter and a heater. And could you tell us what your current ammonia nitrite and nitrate are. And what kind of test kit are you using....dip tests are no good they are extremely innacurate as i found out when i set up my tank.
  3. Chuck Wheat

    Chuck WheatValued MemberMember

    What Vickygude1510 said. The API Master Test Kit is the preferred method of water tests and as long as your parameters are appropriate, that size tank with plants and decor sound good to me. Beta people will know more about that, though.

    Also, I've never kept the african dwarf frogs, but I've researched them a little for future reference. Make sure they have enough space near the top of tank to get some air.
  4. OP

    SantiagoNew MemberMember

    I do not have a Heater and I do have a filter I am going to do water change in a little bit.
  5. Daniel W

    Daniel WValued MemberMember

    You need a heater if you want to have tropical fish. Unless you live in a hot place where the tank will easily be heated to the mid 70s. But if you don't live in a hot place, get a heater. Also, a frog and betta shouldn't really be kept together. Bettas are kind of aggressive and may attack your frog.
  6. Vickygude1510

    Vickygude1510Valued MemberMember

    The betta shouldnt need a companion they do very well on there own given the proper care. Although ive heard of people keeping some shrimp with them but dont quote me on that. Maybe a snail. But it does need a heater.
  7. GoldieBubbles

    GoldieBubblesValued MemberMember

    If the frog and betta have been living together for a year I would imagine you have a docile betta so I wouldn't separate them unless you see aggression. Also you do need a heater for these tropical fish regardless of the temp where you live.
  8. Vickygude1510

    Vickygude1510Valued MemberMember

    It says on your profile you dont know what the nitrogen cycle this right because if you want to know how to keep your fish better this is probably the single most important thing in fish keeping. your keeping the water not the fish. Could you tell us the results of your water test as people with no keeping experience beleive if everything is 0 then its good, this is not true as you want to see a slight number for nitrates but 0 on everything else is good.

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