Is My Filter Too Much For My Betta? Question

  1. Lauren_ Initiate Member

    Hello all! I just recently bought a new filter for my betta tank after having had a nematode outbreak (had to toss out the old filter!). I've since sterilized everything and moved my betta, Gilbert, into a heated 5G. I purchased a Finnex Pure-5 as per many recommendations, but I worry the flow is a little too much?

    I adjusted it to what I believe are the lowest settings and cut a fairly thick chunk of filter sponge to place over the intake, but poor little Gilbert still seems a little distressed. He's not being whipped around or anything, but he seems to be hiding in certain parts of the tank where the flow doesn't reach. Is it because he's been without a flow for a while and just needs to adjust again?

    He has several places to avoid the flow, but I just worry about my little guy! I want to make sure he's not stressed out or anything by this. :(
  2. BettaBoiii Member Member

    Hello! Lots of people recommend sponge filters for bettas now. I use an internal filter which is too strong but I use a plant to cover it. Perhaps you should try to use a sponge plus a plant to block all of the heavy flow.

  3. Lauren_ Initiate Member

    I don't know too much about sponge filters, but wouldn't that cause too much surface disturbance in a 5G tank? I'm a little clueless on that stuff!
  4. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    Sponge filter would be fine. I don't use them for my bettas. I have to use them for my shell dwellers who throw a lot of sand around. There is no discernible current.

  5. Lauren_ Initiate Member

    Do you think that there's anything I could do to further modify the HOB filter I have now? I'd hate to have to buy a new filter after having just gotten this one today. :(
  6. BettaBoiii Member Member

    Tie or glue or maybe try to tape a thin piece of sponge on the mouth of the filter. Then, put a plant where the water is dispensed.
  7. sassymomma Well Known Member Member

    Sponge filters don’t put a lot of surface agitation, and you can always tie a knot in the line to reduce flow, or add a gang valve, which lets you dial it up or down

    I have my ten gallon running with a splitter and three filters...let me see if I can show you the surface d75fca66e778b0d6eb4da7250d9f632c.jpg
    The middle compartment has the most agitation, because I don’t have anything floating in there. In the left side I floated a segment of “Betta grass” upside down, and in the right side I floated a strawberry basket with a “door “ trimmed into it, to make a floating cave 1022c31c4236e68d45df38e03fe30dcf.jpg

  8. Lauren_ Initiate Member

    I'll see if I can give that a try! If all else fails, I'll try looking into a sponge filter. I'm willing to do anything to make sure my little guy is happy as he can be!
  9. Vince3 Initiate Member

    I have Deep Blue Professional's version of the Pure-5 filter, and I too found its flow to be a little too much even at its lowest setting. I cut a block of filter foam to fit on the outflow ramp, and that diffused the flow. After a while, the filter's outflow calmed down enough that I didn't need the foam diffuser. I still have it at close to the lowest setting.

    I had the sponge filter pictured above for my son's betta. It's a nice sponge filter for a 5-gallon tank. Output flow wasn't an issue, but I did lower the flow so the bubble output wouldn't be too much. The betta stayed away from that whole corner of tank. I eventually replaced it with the same filter that my betta has, and within a couple of weeks he was swimming around the whole tank and just seemed more at ease. I've read posts about some people's bettas playing in the bubbles, so I guess it depends on the individual betta.
  10. BettaBoiii Member Member

    Sponge filters are relatively cheaper than others!

  11. Lauren_ Initiate Member

    Thank you for the pictures!! If further modifying my HOB doesn't seem to help, I'll definitely look into a sponge filter then. I hear a lot of good things about them, but until now I'd never heard of them for bettas for some reason!
  12. KimberlyG Fishlore VIP Member

    People have used plastic cups with success.
    plastic cup to reduce filter flow - Google Search
  13. Lauren_ Initiate Member

    He still comes out around that side of the tank on occasion, right now I think he's curious and trying to get the feel of things, but I'll definitely try using some more filter sponge on the outflow part. I didn't even think of that part, so I'll give it a try. Thank you!

    It's amazing how creative people get when it comes to this stuff. Thank you for the ideas! ;)

    Just stuffed a little chunk of filter sponge into the outflow of the filter and coaxed Gilbert over to the area of most flow with my finger and tada! He didn't get pulled around at all! Thank you for the advice everyone, you were all amazingly helpful! I'll definitely switch to sponge filters for future tanks though! ;)
  14. BettaBoiii Member Member

    No problem!!! HOB filters are for like heavy duty fish with heavy bioloads, while sponge filters are for easier fish like your betta.
  15. BettaBoiii Member Member

    Hi!!! I realized my filter is an internal filter not an HOB. I'm stupid, and I didn't know the difference!
  16. Oliver T. Member Member

    try a whisper filter, i have one for my betta and he loves it never gets agitated and is always swimming by it, plus you can barely hear it
  17. BettaBoiii Member Member

    Thank you! I'm sorry for all the confusion by the way!