Is My Dune Scorpion Dead? Help

  1. Mojo!

    Mojo! Valued Member Member

    I know this is FISH lore but any help is appreciated.
    This is my dune scorpion who is currently laying in the open (not hiding) who hasn’t moved in about 2 days.

    Information about tank:
    10 gallon heated tank (heat lamp
    ^suggested size is surprisingly only 2.5, so I went extra
    Several inch deep sand with drift wood scattered around to hide in

    Evidence that proves he’s DEAD:
    His tail is ALMOST full flat on ground
    He has been rejecting food the past few weeks
    He didn’t budge when I nudged him with tweezers (this is normal for scorpions though, dead or alive)

    Evidence that proves he’s ALIVE:
    Smells perfectly normal (people say it will smell bad if it is dead)
    He was very active right before this happened
    He is relatively young and has a tank far better than what most people buy
    His tail isn’t full flat on floor. The tip of it is sticking up a bit
    His body looks normal, no abnormal positioning besides tail

  2. CanadianFishFan

    CanadianFishFan Well Known Member Member

    This is FishLore.... Im pretty sure 0.1% of the people know or have a scorpion. Go try on a reptile forum.
  3. OP

    Mojo! Valued Member Member

    Oh and not to confuse anybody this is a real scorpion not like a fish called scorpion or something like that
  4. CanadianJoeh

    CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    Unfortunately I have no idea, wish I could help. If he hasn't moved in 2 days he's either dead or hibernating, though.
  5. S

    ScorpionGuy Valued Member Member

    If you can provide a picture I could help you. Scorpions are my THING. It sounds like it may be sick but not dead. You could try putting a prey item right in it's face, that generally creates a response. Also, if it is limp, that could be a sign that it has died or is dying. If it's legs are curled in, that generally means they are dead.

    This is what a dead scorpion looks like. Take note of the position of the legs and pedipalps.
    Scorpions - Escorpións