Is My Dovii Deformed? Help! Help

Discussion in 'American Cichlids' started by cpgarry, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. cpgarryNew MemberMember

    I have just been told that my dovii may have a deformity due to a “chunk missing” from its underside could I have more opinions on this please and maybe some advise on what to do about it. IMG_5651.jpgIMG_5657.jpg
  2. Kyleena696Valued MemberMember

    I can't speak from experience nor do I have any guesses as to what caused it. However, that does not look normal and is not similar to any results google returned.

    If it's swimming/eating/generally behaving normally I wouldn't worry too much, especially if it's always been like that.

    I'm sure some more experienced members will be able to give you better advice :)
  3. chromedome52Fishlore VIPMember

    Something bit it when it was smaller, taking out most of the Anal fin and a sizable chunk of body. However, it recovered because the area where flesh was removed did not contain any organs, just muscle for swimming. Surviving such injury is rare, but it does happen.

    It is not going to grow back. Some people feel sorry for such an injured fish, and keep it because they are bleeding hearts who can't stand to see nature take its course. Some simply see it as having a unique look, and derive pleasure from having such a different fish. If the injury is not causing any problems for the fish, it is your choice as to whether you want to keep it. I doubt that it would ever be capable of breeding with that injury, but if it did, the fry would be perfectly normal.
  4. cpgarryNew MemberMember

    Thank you guys, it has no problems eating or swimming, in fact on my first night of having her she decided to eat my red tail shark. Also from what I have been told by others all my fish seem to be female at the moment so I have/had no intentions of taking on breeding. As long as she is in good health I’m just happy to have her in my tank. Thanks again

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