Is my danio gravid?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by BlueMint, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. BlueMintValued MemberMember


    I have 7 danios. 5 are zebra danios while the other 2 are leopard.

    For the past two weeks or so, I noticed that one of the leopards has gotten really fat. She (I assume its a girl since she has always had a rather round tummy) has a tiny darker spot on the back of her midsection near the vent. It isnt outside on her skin. Its inside and its also not perfectly round but more like an oval or bean-shaped. I read somewhere that when danios are gravid, they get a dark spot there. Is that true and could this be it?
    What are the symtoms of a pregnant danio? Im new at this. Never had to deal with fish and their eggs. Could it be something else? Could she be consipated?
    She and the rest of my danios are behaving normally.
    Two or three other danios are showing the same symptoms as her but not as advanced. And I just noticed the "symptoms" today during feeding time. They are just slightly chubbier in the midsection than they were before. The rest are slim and with no spots (Im assuming those are the males?).
    I tried to attach some pictures but its not letting me. Maybe because Im using a smartphone?

    Sorry for so many questions! Im worried that maybe it isnt her being pregnant :eek:
    Thank you!
  2. Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    Could you get a pic?
  3. BlueMintValued MemberMember

    Yes, Ill try again.

    Here they are. They arent good since they wont stop moving around. 29xsppj.jpg

    155kimt.jpg In this one she is the one on the right. Though the one on the left is one of the other ones I am suspicious about. Though maybe she just ate more than usual?

    There arent any signs of bloat that I know of. She eating normally, swimming with the group, and eating great. There arent any raised scales either. And the only thing that has gotten fatter is her tummy.

  4. BlueMintValued MemberMember

    Okay. This may or may not be related but I tested the water and I have a huge nitrite spike. I have no idea where it came from. I think its between 2.0 and 5.0 but it could also be a 1.5. Theres already one danio acting weird. Still eating but beginning to stray from the group and gasping a bit.
    Ive never been in this situation but Im about to do a 50% water change right now.

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