Is my Dalmation Molly pregnant? (pics) Help

Discussion in 'Molly' started by red020804, Mar 19, 2010.

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    We just bought a dalmation molly on march 15th. My husband forgot to ask for a male and i called the pet store and they helped me identify the dalmation molly as a female. the molly's at the store are mixed (male and females). She was big when we got her and we are new to fish. We cant tell wither she is pregnant or not. i dont see a gravid spot but i heard and read that it can be difficult to see one on a dalmation molly because of the coloring. Some people have written they we may not see one at all until right before she gives birth. our 20 gal. tank currently has 4 male guppies, two black phantom tetras and 1 male black molly and now the new female dalmation molly. we are going to be getting another female molly this weekend march 20th so the male molly will give the poor female a break. lol. we want to be prepared for the fry if she is already pregnant from the males she was sharing a tank with at the pet store. if she is pregnant does she look far along? if anyone can help i'd appreciate it. o and another question when the male isn't chasing the female sometimes she goes to him and lays on him or waves her tale in his face or nips is tail. is she being playful or is she "in the mood" lol

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    Good morning, Welcome to Fish Lore!:sign0016:

    A bit hard to tell if the Molly is pregnant or not. If it is, it has a way to go before giving birth. I'm sure you'll get some more responses soon. :)

    I deleted your duplicate thread. It will be a lot less confusing to other members.
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    Hi red020804 and WELCOME TO FISHLORE! :;wv

    I agree with Aquarist. I can't tell either if she's pregnant or not. All you can do is give her time and if she gives birth to some fry. Best of luck!